Rain brings on the change
  |  First Published: April 2013

We have received some welcome rain but it isn’t even close to what we would like so let's hope April brings a bit more water to our big lake.

Now that the lake is down to the low to mid 70% range, a few of the banks will start to look familiar again particularly up around the Delatite Arm and the northern inlets where the second tier of the drop offs will favour the angler who knows this end of the lake, particularly for yellas.

Good numbers of yellowbelly are starting to chew again and they seem to be congregating in good numbers on structure. Some locals have been doing well on scrubworms on standing trees so if you get one, don't stuff around get a bait or lure back in quickly before the fish move off. This also applies to the reddies of course, with big numbers starting to bite well.

It still blows me away how many people who haven't eaten redfin, give them a try, you won't regret it.

Cod fishing has started to pick up with reasonable numbers coming aboard, the most encouraging thing is the amount of very healthy little guys from 25-40cm being caught on a very regular basis trying to eat lures. Sometimes they will take lures almost as big as themselves - it just goes to show how they are such good survivors.

There have also been good numbers of fish from 50-90cm, but timing is crucial, generally early or late or where it's overcast. Once again time on the water is so important but not possible in this day and age I know, so try and be here when conditions suit (hot bright days have not been productive lately).

Not many reports of trout  at all coming through so down rigging deep is pretty much your only option for trollers.

Rivers and Pondage 

Still very hard right across the board for the same reasons as I've touched on before, too much water being released still around the 5000-7000ML a day.

Bring on the cooler weather I say so we can chase some trout again.

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