Wimmera waters defy the dry
  |  First Published: November 2008

The warmer and longer days we have been enjoying in the Wimmera over the last few weeks have really fired up our resident native fish population, with golden perch, silver perch and catfish being caught in good numbers. The redfin and trout fishing has also been good at most waters.

Wimmera river

The fishing has improved in the Wimmera River over the last few weeks, with good fishing from the big water near Riverside all the way to Quantong.

The main species being caught are golden perch, and some nice fish to 3kg have been hitting lures and spinnerbaits cast around any snags, particularly at Riverside.

Baitfishing with yabbies and worms has also been good, with silver perch, catfish, carp and a few redfin being taken. The Horsham Weir area has produced good results for bait anglers in the late afternoons and evenings. Some of the redfin caught below the weir down toward the rifle range have been over 1kg.

Taylors lake

The water in Taylors Lake is very low at the moment. I have never seen it this low here before. Good catches of redfin are still being taken, along with a few goldens and the ever present carp.

Baitfishing with worms, yabbies and gudgeon has been good, but an increasing number of anglers have been doing well lure fishing, as the water has been fairly clear here lately. Small hardbodied lures, lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits cast around the snags have been doing well. Most fishing is taking place from the shore.

Lake Bellfield

The redfin have fired up in Lake Bellfield, with anglers doing well trolling lures from small boats with electric motors. Some good lures to use here include Rapala CD 5, Stiffy Minnows, Tassie Devils and StumpJumpers.

Bait fishers using gudgeon and small yabbies have also taken some good bags of reddies. The average redfin here is 200-500g, but they make up for their size with good numbers. The odd large redfin is still caught here from time to time as well.

The trout fishing here is still excellent, with rainbows of around 1kg hitting trolled lures and taking mudeyes fished under bubble floats. Flyfishing the lake’s margins in the early mornings and evenings also produces great results here. Good flies include Mrs Simpsons, Woolly Worms, Woolly Buggers and beetle patterns. Rainbows to 2.8kg have been taken recently and they have been in magnificent condition and full of fight.

Lake Fyans

Lake Fyans is well worth a look, with some good bags of redfin being and some very large brown trout being caught. Most redfin have been taken by anglers trolling lures and spinners from small boats. There is a good small boat launching on the south bank.

The best redfin lures at the moment are Ondex and Celta spinners. Small minnows have also worked well. Some of the redfin have been well over 1kg, but most are around 500g.

Some very brown trout to 4kg have been taken by fly anglers working the shallows in the evenings and after dark. Successful fly anglers here are prepared to put in a lot of time and effort, as the numbers of trout here is now very low. Best flies include Mrs Simpson, Woolly Bugger and Craigs Nightime.

Lake Wartook

The fishing in Lake Wartook recently would best be described as being ‘consistently inconsistent’. A few good catches of brown trout to 1.8kg have been taken by anglers fishing mudeyes under bubble floats and trolling lures but, over all, the fishing here has been pretty disappointing.

If you are wanting to catch a trout, you have much more chance of success at nearby Lake Bellfield.

Some solid redfin are on offer in the Wimmera waters during November.

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