Angling Action Aplenty
  |  First Published: November 2008

After a slow start to our new trout fishing season, things have finally fired up for a few of the waters around our state. Ballarat anglers still need to travel to find fish though – that seems to be the norm nowadays.


Lake Purrumbete is still our best prospect for some great fishing action. Semi-retired Brian Nygaard, who fishes Purrumbete all the time, has been making some excellent catches. Brian fished Purrumbete recently and when the weather cleared, the action was thick and fast. In one morning session Brian caught seven brown trout up to 3.2kg using mudeyes suspended under a bubble float at a depth of 2-3m. Brian reported that it was up there with one of the best fishing sessions he’s ever had.

Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton at Hamilton was the venue for the recent Victorian Flyfishing Championships that were held over two days. Flyfishers from all over the state ventured down to Hamilton to compete.

The weather was probably too good for the competition, with clear blue skies and not much wind ­– but that didn’t stop the cream of the Victorian flyfishers catching plenty of rainbow trout of around 500g. Thirty-five trout were caught and released for the two days, with Melbourne flyfisher Jim Williams the eventual winner of the competition. The flyfishers fished from drifting boats on Lake Hamilton, which is called ‘loch style’ fishing. The most successful fly patterns for the competition were Woolly Buggers in a variety of colours stripped really fast.

Lake Fyans

Lake Fyans, which is one of my favourite waters in the state at the foot of the Grampians, has seen some really good fishing action, which will continue for the next few months until the weather gets hotter. Lake Fyans never ceases to amaze me. There have not been any trout stockings for approximately four years now and the trout still survive against all the odds. The so-called experts tried to net the fish out of the water a couple of years ago (with not much success), fearing a fish kill would contaminate the water. As yet there have been no fish kills and now there is a fair bit of discussion between Fisheries and local water authorities as to whether to again stock this magnificent water.

Dean Hodge and Rodney McNeight recently fished Fyans. With water levels on the increase the trout have moved in around the lake margins, feeding on grubs and other morsels that have been flooded out of the ground. The trout have been found in around 30cm of water.

Brown trout up to 2.2kg have been caught by flyfishers, but the best action has been with the redfin that have been well and truly on the bite. Dean has been catching reddies up to 1.2kg by casting soft plastics from the shore. His best session was 16 fish and the successful soft plastic was a gold Atomic.


Jubilee Lake at Daylesford has been stocked with ex-brood stock from Fisheries. The action over there has been thick and fast as well. My sister recently took her kids over for a day’s fishing, with excellent results. My nephew Nathan showed everyone up by catching five rainbow trout up to 1kg on green PowerBait fished on the bottom with a running sinker.

For anyone wanting to get their kids into a bit of fishing action, this is the place to go. As well as fishing there is a barbeque and picnic area, playground and toilet facilities.

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