No slow down as fishing moves into autumn phase
  |  First Published: March 2013

The holiday crowds have mostly gone but the fishing remains full-on with many positive reports and there is no sign of slowing down.

Outside the entrance and out fairly wide there have been reports of makos being bagged to 200kg on a variety of presentations. One successful method is to have a large salmon or something similar suspended under a balloon and wait for an enquiry. This can be boring alright but the smart anglers break the monotony by putting a smaller bait out on some light gear where there have been very good-sized flathead, snapper, gummies and squid being taken which are well worth while catching.

Back closer in and just beyond the breakers outside the entrance very good flathead, silver trevally and salmon being taken on numerous natural baits and the salmon are responding to surface lures.

Land-based fishers in the same area have also been doing very well and as well as the whiting and silvers, there have been good size garfish making an appearance.

There have been good reports of gummies making an appearance in very good numbers right up to Mahers Landing and above. The area just out from the A frame house is also being very productive. Just before this report I spoke to a few crews who were very happy with the whiting, silvers and flathead that were taking numerous baits on both sides of low water.

Land-based anglers are very happy with their results from both sides of Mahers Landing. The best results have been from the left hand side when the tide is on the way in where mullet, silvers, flathead have been in good numbers. There have been impressive returns as far as the gunnies are concerned being to 9kg and taking pilchards and squid.

Further up the inlet near the first red marker there has been a very good variety of fish which include mullet, silvers, flathead and whiting being taken on both sides of the tide.

The area around the double islands has also been a place worth visiting but be careful as at low water your boat can be grounded and there can be a fair wait until you are re-floated by the incoming tide.

The area around the entrance is well worth a visit where big mullet have been caught as well as perch and silvers. The good fishing has continues right up to and above the highway bridge where the best baits have been Bass yabbies, sand worms and silver fish. The perch have also been taking soft lures and blades. There is a report that the big mullet have been chased up the river by mulloway that will make an appearance at this time of year. True or not, it matters little. The main thing that the fish are there.

Land-based fishers have also been doing well on the Venus Bay beaches where salmon have been in very good numbers. They have been caught as to be expected on the run-in tide along with a sprinkling of tommy ruffs and flathead along with gummies.

This area has also been patrolled by the Fisheries Officers who are on the lookout for those who are collecting far too many pipis. There are heavy penalties for offenders as well as a power of arrest for those who fail to give name and address or one that is false.

Shallow Inlet is just a short distance to the east and this area has really been firing. Andrew Starrett who runs the local caravan park says that the fishing is at its best where whiting have been to the 50cm mark and better. They are taking Bass yabbies, silver fish and pipis where best results have been at low water on both sides of the tide. As well as whiting there have been plenty of silver trevally, flathead, mullet and gummy sharks that are making the area well worthwhile visiting.

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