Sharks on the tooth outside the entrance and snapper inside
  |  First Published: February 2013

Outside the entrance at Inverloch in the deeper water there have been some positive mako shark reports.

Although not huge, they have been to the 80kg, which will test the skill of many anglers. They are taking a variety of baits as these hungry fish often will. Gummies are also in very good numbers and just before this report I received a call from holidaymaker Ivan Baker who decided to try his luck in around 40m of water. It wasn’t long before they were into the gummies and in the space of an hour they had their bag limit of two big fish and they then went looking for flathead. They headed to a favourite spot off Venus Bay and they weren’t disappointed where they caught nine very nice fish that capped off a very good outing as far as they were concerned.

There have been many other similar reports of good fishing in this part of the world and further in near flat rocks there have been the traditional big whiting that seem to favour Bass yabbies, which are a natural presentation. These fish are not uncommon to be to the 50cm mark along with flathead, silvers and big garfish. The gars are second to none on the table especially when filleted and are also unbeatable as a fresh bait for any fish that might happen to be nearby looking for a meal.

The entrance has been fishing very well where just inside there have been good numbers of whiting that have been to the 36cm mark and keeping boaters and land-based fishers smiling. The best time to try your luck is at low water on both sides of the tide where the water is running too fast at other times.

Further up near Pensioners Corner there have been mullet, flathead and whiting being bagged which is further good news if the other two mentioned spots fail to produce.

The jetty at Inverloch has had a facelift which is good news and land-based anglers have been doing reasonably well with mullet, flathead and the odd silver making an appearance.

In these reports I always mention the area around flat rocks where those who know where to look have been catching very good size whiting silvers and perch. The idea is to drop your presentation among the underwater furniture and when there is an enquiry act quickly. The reason is that these fish are dirty fighters and fill head straight for cover and if they reach it then the battle is over with the fish winning yet again.

Maher’s Landing is always worth a look where boaters can have a hard time launching at very low water especially if trying to handle a large boat.

Having said that the fishing have been very good and the fish can be caught nearby. Whiting have been in good numbers to the 34cm mark, which makes them well worthwhile chasing. As well as the royals there have been plenty of mullet, silvers, flathead and gummies. One member of the Wonthaggi Angling Club was looking under rocks for some bait when he came across something that I haven’t seen before. This strange looking shellfish looked like a fresh water yabby which was about 5cm long but was pink in colour as would be a Bass yabby. It had two ordinary claws like a fresh water yabby and although many old timers had a look, they have no idea as to what it might be.

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