Summer weather allows anglers to enjoy the great fishing
  |  First Published: December 2012

With conditions now settled down greatly allowing boaters and land-based anglers have been taking full advantage after much frustration.

The water temperature is now into what we expect at summer and outside the entrance at Anderson Inlet there have been very good numbers of gummies being taken out wide to 12kg and taking a very good variety of presentations including pilchards, squid and fresh fillets of silver trevally. There have also been plenty of flathead being taken along with very reasonable pinkies.

Boaters have been very happy with their returns just beyond the breakers at Venus Bay where pinkies are showing up in good numbers as well as gurnard, which as we all know are covered in spikes as are flathead. The idea is to have a thermos of warm to hot water and if you are stung then swab the wound and this should relieve the pain greatly.

Back inside the entrance the whiting have been caught to 38cm in good numbers and the occasional 40cm specimen. I received a call from Franko Donaldson from Dandenong who said that he and a mate decided to try their luck at Anderson Inlet with whiting in mind. As is turned out this was not a bad decision when they headed to a spot off the bathing boxes on the run-out tide. Franko said that not a great deal happened for a while and they made a few moves when suddenly the whiting arrived and took to the Bass yabby presentations. In very short time they had an impressive bag of the 16 royals and four silvers before the run-out tide was exhausted.

Land-based fishers are happy with their efforts near Pensioners Corner where whiting are in good numbers along with silvers, mullet and flathead. The last half of the run-out tide and first of the run in flow seems to be the best time to try your luck.

For the benefit of beginners and those not familiar with the area, low tide can be a bit of a trap as far as boaters are concerned. The sand bars can move with each tide and it would be a good idea to have a look at the lay out at low water if possible before a trip.

At the time of this report there had been renovations to the jetty and things can be a bit awkward. Having said that there has been a bit of activity as far as land-based anglers are concerned. The run-in tide is the best time to try your luck where salmon, silvers and the odd flathead have been caught but there can be a fair bit of water mixed in with the fish at times.

Further up towards Mahers Landing land-based anglers have been doing fairly on the last half of the run-in tide where flathead have been in fairly good numbers. Gummies are also making an appearance and being taken on pilchards, fish fillets and live poddy mullet if you can get hold of any.

Boaters have been doing fairly well where perch have been turning up in unexpected places. Those who know the area say that this could be due to the fact that the unusual amounts of fresh water has pushed them out of the Tarwin River which is as good as the next theory.

The surf beaches at Venus Bay are still performing ok where salmon are making up most bags as to be expected. They have been taken along each of the beaches with the surf at number three beach I think would be the best place to try your luck. As is usually the case the run-in tide is the best time to try your luck.

Shallow Inlet has been going along very well and as the water temperature has risen, so too has the whiting population. They have been to the 40cm mark and Andrew Starrett who runs the local caravan park says that all the signs are pointing to a bumper season.

As well as the whiting there have been plenty of silvers to the 50cm mark and salmon to 4kg. Gummies are also plentiful and with the better conditions now in front of it looks like everything is pointing to happiness as far as the fish are concerned.

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