Easy, but you still need a plan
  |  First Published: March 2013

My favourite time is now here. The water temperature has settled down and all species are about and feeding, making it easier to find and catch a few on each outing.

I always have a game plan before heading out for the day. I think about the tides, what baits are needed and I make sure I have the right lures packed for the job at hand.

You have to know about the species that are about and how to target them.

Never drive past fish to catch fish. Early morning out on Botany Bay at this time of the year it’s all about surface action.

Tailor seem to be the main species most days, although salmon show up from time to time and kings will also get in on the act.

Trevally will follow feeding surface fish, hanging deeper under the schools, and even flathead can be found along the bottom feeding below, picking up the small scraps.

Small metals and small poppers both work well for high speed spinning for tailor, salmon and kings.

Small trolling lures are great if the fish are spread out because trolling picks up scattered fish and can locate concentrations of fish that go unnoticed on the surface.

Soft plastics are best to work the bottom for the flathead.

When bait fishing, I always think of trevally, bream and whiting.

Whiting are about in good numbers at this time of year across the flats on both tides.

Just anchor anywhere wide from Towra Point in 3m-4m, off the end of the Third Runway, the middle of the Bay, The Sticks or any spot in 2m-5m and you are a top chance.

Peeled prawns, nippers and bloodworms would be the three top baits. Whiting seem to be better closer to Brighton Beach and many anglers do well from the beach itself here over the warmer months.

The Hook and the Cook has aired on 7two on Sundays at 11.30am for the past month and I would like to thank all for their support and good wishes. Paul the Cook and I have spent the past five years working on this show with lots of ups and downs.

The first six episodes some may have seen on Sydney’s TVS last year. Episode seven kicks off our new season as we spread our wings into Queensland and Victoria.

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