The Macalister River is back in action
  |  First Published: December 2012

Finally the rain has eased; the rivers have slowed, so the trout anglers are out in full force to get their share of the action.

It has been a very hard trout season locally due to the large amounts of rain we keep having, which has made most of our rivers running high and fast. Cold temperatures have suppressed any insect activity keeping the trout down deep and little shy to feed during the day.

But now with some warm days, it has all changed and the trout are on bite. The Macalister is worth talking about, not only because of the annual Heyfield & District Angling Club competition which was held in late October, but also because there has been some great fish caught in these parts. Firstly, the competition was a success as usual, and most fish were caught on worms due to the large amounts of rain we received prior to the comp. Surprising a lot of fish that were caught were wild brown trout. I say surprising, because a lot of rainbow trout were stocked prior which normally make a large portion of the trout caught during the comp, however there were plenty of great brown trout caught measuring up to 38cm.

This was a good example of the standard of fishing that the Macalister has been producing. However, it has only got better over the past few weeks and many anglers are catching good brown trout below Licola around the good old haunts such as Basin Flats and Cheynes Bridge.

The browns have been exceeding 40cm which we have not seen for many years since the floods. The rainbows are getting caught in small numbers but they are tiny yearling fish of around 15-20cm. The worms are still working well, but the lures are working better. Fly fishers have just started to get fish on dry fly as a few hot days have brought out the flying ants, but standard impressionistic dry flies such as Haystacks and Royall Humpys have been producing some nice browns as well.

Now not everyone has been fishing low, a lot of anglers are journeying up toward the Barkley and are catching some nice trout to 42cm but with a little hard work in doing so still. Also guys fishing up Tamboritha Road are getting a few nice fish but not large numbers yet, but I think that will change as the insect activity gets increases through December.

The Thomson River has also been fishing very well and has really come back to life over the past year. Coopers Creek and the Walhalla Bride are producing fish again and good sized as well. Tassie Devils and Rooster Tails are working well, but soft plastics have been good as well.

Up around the Aberfeldy has been another successful area of the Thomson and again, this year the browns are bigger than usual and are averaging 32-40cm.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544 or listen to his reports during the whip around on 1242 Off The Hook with Rex Hunt and Lee Raynor. You will get expert advice and great deals on fishing bait and tackle.

Shane Gillespie had a great day chasing the bigger brown trout in the Thomson River using soft plastics.

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