Big redfin on the bite as conditions improve
  |  First Published: December 2012

The fishing in the Bendigo region has continued to improve.

The current conditions in most locations are looking good and hopefully we should experience some of the best fishing the region has had in over a decade. At the present time water temperatures are still cold for this time of the year but are starting to increase due to the improved weather conditions. This will lead to an increase in feeding activity for many species.


Lake Eppalock is currently at 98% of capacity and water clarity is very good. There are no signs of algae in the lake, although as the weather warms we may see algae blooms happen in the lake. There have been small numbers of golden perch being caught in Lake Eppalock recently; the majority of these have been caught on worms or yabbies. We should start to see an increase in the numbers of golden perch being caught on lures in the next few weeks.

Casting lipless crankbaits and suspending hardbodied lures around rocky shorelines and submerged timber will be the productive methods.

Unfortunately the native stocking rates were disappointing for Lake Eppalock last season. Keen angler who enjoys fishing this lake should contact Victorian Fisheries and express your opinion on why this location should have an increased native stocking. You only have to go to the main boat ramp to see how popular of a fishing destination this location is. Lake Eppalock is a proven destination for native fish. History shows us when stocking rates are good anglers can experience some terrific fishing.

The redfin fishing has slowly improved over recent weeks. The productivity is however significantly lower than it has been over the last couple of seasons. Anglers should be prepared to move around a lot in order to locate a good school of fish. The majority of redfin are being caught in 6-8m of water. Small numbers of redfin are being caught on deep diving hardbodied lures such as AC Invaders and Custom Crafted Bass Hunters. Casting soft plastics lures continues to be the most productive method. If you are prepared to put the time in there are some large redfin weighing up to 1.7kg being caught.


The Campaspe River failed to fire when the water was running over the spillway at Lake Eppalock. Unfortunately it only spilled for a short time period and the volumes of water were only minimal. There is still a slim chance that it might spill again if we receive a major rainfall event over the next month or so. Given the improvement in water clarity in Lake Eppalock this season we should start to see an improvement in the water clarity in the Campaspe River this season.

If the current trend of below average rainfall continues we should see some very good fishing in the Campaspe River this season. At the present time small numbers of golden perch are being caught by anglers casting spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits. There have also been small numbers of large redfin being caught in the Campaspe River.


Water clarity remains poor at this destination and catch-rates continue to be disappointing. Small numbers of trout and small numbers of redfin are making up the majority of anglers catch rates. We should start to see an increase in the numbers of golden perch be caught at this location shortly. While Cairn Curran typically only produces small numbers of golden perch the quality of the fish that are caught here are often very good. If you are planning a trip targeting the golden perch try trolling medium-sized hardbodied lures in depths between 3-4m of water. Casting spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits around rocky shorelines is also productive.


The productivity in the fishing in the Loddon River has started to improve in recent weeks. Water clarity was poor at most locations however in recent weeks we have seen water clarity starting to improve. Like many other areas if the trend of below average rainfall continues we should see water clarity become good in the near future.

I believe if the current trends continue we should see some excellent fishing in the Loddon River this season. There are currently some quality golden perch measuring up to 60cm being caught in the Loddon River, mostly on hardbodied lures. Casting spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits has also proven productive.

A cracking 1.7kg redfin was caught casting at Lake Eppalock on a Bassman jig head rigged with a Jackall Clone Fry soft plastic.

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