Big redfin in Eildon as water temperatures climb
  |  First Published: December 2012

Throughout November the top of the lake fished well with the water temperatures substantially higher than the southern end producing some awesome fishing.

James Dainton spends a lot of time on the lake testing and refining his range of lures and he’s been braining of brown trout and golden perch with numerous browns to 2.5kg lots of yellas to 5kg, including a double hook up on 2kg yellas and one bruiser of a yella that went 5kg.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. There is no substitute for time on the water folks.

There have been some cracking redfin caught with local mad angler Nick catching a genuine 50cm red that weighed around 3kg. This is an absolute brute and as the water temperatures rises they will come in bigger numbers: that’s a given.

Personally I can’t wait for the south section to warm up so I can start to target bigger yealls and cod in the deeper stuff on hardbodies lures and spinnerbaits, not to mention 1/8th Oz Jigheads fishing plastics deep and really slow. So look out for the water temperature to go up and hit the deeper stuff for the big bangers.


The Goulburn and its tributaries have been fishing really well with the water levels at 1000-2500Ml a day which is ideal. Good numbers of trout up to 2kg being caught on hardbodied lures in floating minnow styles. Unweighted worms and cricket drifted downstream also dynamite.


The pond has been going off its nut with reasonably consistent water levels and a whole lot of brood stock from 3-6kg being released. Anglers are catching plenty of fish on winged lures and soft plastics in the ever-reliable black and gold colours.

I hope Santa is good to you.

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