Cod on the horizon, yellas keep us happy
  |  First Published: November 2012

Finally we have some warm weather, and with it comes the mozzies, but that goes hand in hand with good fishing times.

I just hope we have a complete lack of flies like last year . There were so few last year, people started missing them, well not really

Looks like a lot of the things that make a good season are going to be in place this year. Most farmers have received very high to total irrigation water allocations for this season which means water levels will remain very constant and mostly clear.

Add a predicted hot dry summer to that there are going to be a lot of fish very settled on their snag. Clear and constant water levels make the fish sit in the same spot for long periods making them more territorial about their spot than if they are moving around a lot from changing water levels. The work of the Corowa angling club stocking the river with Yellas should also pay off, thanks guys keep up the good work 

 To catch the yellas fish your lure slow and deep, knocking snags as often as possible. Unlike later in the year I recommend only having a few casts at each snag to see if there are fish on it then move on . Most of them will be congregating in a school to spawn and you can pull a few fish off one snag, where as the one 100m away is deserted. Sometimes while fighting a yella you will get other ones following it in almost right up to the boat .

I’ve had a few people ask me about this, so  after little research and many assumptions i have come up with an answer. The fish that comes to the net alone is most definitely male and the followed ones are female. Both sexes are down there doing spawning things so when a lure comes through the middle and a male takes the lure and gets dragged off, the female just looks and says “thank goodness that's over”. Whereas the male swims around in a mad panic,"where you going, we haven't finished yet." Have a good look next time at his agitation and you will probably agree!  

Recently there has been a 56cm brown trout caught on metal vibe out in the river. Brendan Spinks was casting around near St Leonards winery for yellas when it came and smacked his lure.

He also got some nice yellas to 48cm. He went out in the boat in the morning for nothing, so decided to fish the shore in the afternoon for far better results.

Only another month and we will be talking cod.

Brendan Spinks with his 56cm brown trout – an unusual capture for around here.

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