Bigger trout hiding down low
  |  First Published: November 2012

As the waters subside and seem decent weather shines upon us, the trout are out and feeding and so the anglers have been taking advantage.

Trout opening was one of the hardest periods we have had for a while.

Locally, our creeks have changed a fair bit after our winter floods and constant down pours.

The fishing hasn’t been brilliant, but I think perhaps the fish might be downstream further than usual for this time of year.

Because we haven’t been used to such large amounts of water, it might take a while for the creeks to start producing trout like we expect.

Some anglers are blaming cormorants as large numbers of these birds were seen consistently in the upper reaches of our creeks this year, but hopefully they haven’t done any damage.

A few anglers have been fishing the lower reaches of the Strzelecki streams with worms in the dirty water and have reaped the rewards with not great numbers of trout, but large fish.

You can do this style of fishing in all our local streams including Morwell River, Traralgon Creek and Merrimans Creek, but you generally only catch these larger trout in the lower sections.

You have to put up with a few carp, eels and redfin, but you may end up with a ripper.

Hopefully as the rain eases, the rivers will return to normal and we will see if we have some trout numbers returning to usual.

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