Anglers rewarded for effort
  |  First Published: November 2012

Ballarat and district anglers are out in force and being well rewarded for their efforts.

Lake Burrumbeet is one of the success with yearling rainbow trout currently being caught over 2kg. Ross Winstanley has been catching some of these magnificent trout on whole whitebait fished on a running sinker rig, with other anglers catching them on the ever-reliable Powerbait fished on the bottom.

Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree is back. I counted 17 boats on the water the other day the water clarity is improving every day, the dredges have gone and it’s action stations. I fished up there recently with my children and landed a lovely 1kg rainbow trout on Powerbait fished on the bottom. The fly fishers have been out in force fishing loch style methods stripping wet flies and the bait guys have been using mudeyes, worms and Powerbait with lure casters using hardbodied lures and bladed spinners.

Hopefully the mayfly hatches make a resurgence – we would love to be chasing dun feeders again.

Lake Tooliorook

Lake Tooliorook is still on fire for both trout and redfin; they have been caught using lures, flies and bait. Jack Cunningham has been fishing with his uncle Rod McNeight trolling lures and has caught some lovely rainbow trout up to 2kg.

Will Cass spent a session trolling lures down there recently with no success after talking to guys at the boat ramp who all had bags of redfin caught on local minnows.

Hepburn and Newlyn

Hepburn Lagoon and Newlyn Reservoir have been fishing exceptionally well for fly fishers and bait anglers. David Bandy recently did the morning patrol at Hepburn Lagoon walking along the north shore looking for any trout surface feeding activity David spotted a dimple on the surface out of the corner of his eye placed a cast a few feet in front of the feeding trout and bang the brown trout of 1.35kg took his woolly bugger. The fishing activities in both waters in the coming months will heat up over the midday time slot for the mayfly hatches and evenings when the mudeyes start to hatch.

Lake Bolac

Lake Bolac the success story of the last few years has started to produce to lovely trout once again. These are not the big fish we saw last year but I’m sure there are still some massive rainbows still in there to be caught.

Bryan and Barry Rogers with Corey and Roger McNeight have been catching trout to 2kg on local whitebait and Powerbait fished on a running sinker rig.

The lake is a little bit discoloured at the moment. I trolled lures at Bolac recently with no success I believe was due to the water clarity with the weather settling down hopefully the water clears up for the trollers to get out and catch a few.

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