Scorching summer settles into autumn gold
  |  First Published: March 2013

I cannot believe I am sitting here in the midst of another 30C day in the middle of a scorching Ballarat summer writing about how excellent our fishing is around the district.

Hepburn Lagoon seems to be the destination point as word has really got out about the quality of 2-3kg brown trout. They are not easy to catch but they are on the bite very early morning and evening and after dark still seem to reward anglers with the best results. Fly fishermen are doing really well fishing floating and wet mudeye imitations with bait anglers doing well on spider mudeyes under a bubble float.

Hepburn will continue to fish well in the coming months but the early mornings and late into the nights will results in the best catches, especially on the dark nights when the brown trout come right close into the shore chasing mudeyes.

Cosgroves Reservoir

This small water only 15 minutes from Ballarat near Creswick has been producing some magnificent redfin on soft plastics to 500g, which are an excellent size for table and sport. Other waters like Dean and Newlyn reservoirs are very good around this time of the year for casting soft plastics for redfin.

Lake Wendouree

Out of all of the waters in the district is probably suffering the most with the warm weather and has dropped 30cm in the last month. It doesn’t sound much but when the lake averages around the 1.8m it’s a lot. Our city council has now acted on its drought recovery plan and we have water coming into the lake from various resources as the lake is a multipurpose recreational facility the council has guaranteed it will not go dry.

Trout and redfin have still been biting for land-based and boat anglers; once again evenings and mornings are the best. The lake has lots of weed beds around its shoreline so find some clear areas as these are the places to target.

The western end near the island appears to be best area for fly and bait fishers.

As we are in the middle of the summer a lot of black crickets are appearing around the street lights which are dynamite bait for trout. Crickets fished from the shore or boat using bubble floats and greased line between the float and bait are temptation that the trout cannot refuse

Lake Fyans

I cannot remember the fishing being any better than it is at the moment with 1-1.5kg trout just loving mudeyes. Normally during the summer Lake Fyans quietens down but not at the moment. I have fished the lake most weekends for the past few months on different weather conditions and all have produced fish. Mornings appear to be the best if you can be on the water at day break the trout seem to bite until about 10am depending if there is any wind. If it is flat calm they go off the bite earlier.

Move around and try different trees if you are not getting a bite, and use light line around the 4-6lb. Grease your mono line right up to the bubble float and use nice fresh mudeyes and fish them around the 1.5-1.8m and keep your baits moving all the time don’t just let them sit in the one spot for a period of time.

It’s no good sitting in a spot where there is no fish the baits need to be covering different water as fish are moving all the time looking for food.

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