Summer heat carries on into autumn
  |  First Published: March 2013

With summer well and truly bearing down upon all and sundry, many anglers are out of necessity choosing to fish early mornings, evenings and in some cases, the night shift.

The daylight hours are often simply too hot to bear especially out in the open water and just as well as trout are feeling exactly the same way.


Launching a boat on Lake Elingamite is now easier and safer thanks to the installation of a new single lane ramp and pontoon mooring jetty.

The redfin have schooled up and as the lake is not huge by any standards. As such a moving boat on the troll will inevitably come across a school that will hopefully respond to any lures on offer. Drifting with worms just off the bottom also works equally well. Brown and rainbow trout to 2kg are taking lures cast or trolled with early mornings or evenings the favoured times to fish.

Lake Tooliorok

Lake Tooliorook at Lismore has rainbow trout around 2kg taking a wide variety of baits suspended under a float. Mudeye, worm and Powerbait are the favoured baits here.

The local minnow has been extremely hard to net in the shallows of late. The best method in which to gather a few has been to leave a minnow trap baited with dry cat food in the lake overnight.

Redfin averaging 1kg are certainly about but just a little harder to catch compared to six months ago. The lake levels have dropped a metre in recent times leaving a maximum depth of 4m, so if it’s a trout you are after be on the water early.

Bullen Merri

Bullen Merri has been up and down of late in the trout department however those in the know are fishing depths from 8m early on down to 20m during the day. More rainbows than browns are presently being landed. Boaters down rigging are also picking up the odd bass to 1.6kg but I stress odd. It seems that the remnants of the many years of bass stocking have well and truly taken to the depths.

Lake Purrumbete

Lake Purrumbete has some solid rainbows to over 1kg taking mudeye presented under a float just off Hoses Rocks. Wetting a line of an evening is certainly the prime time. The depth here close to the shoreline is quite substantial and boaters casting lures towards the rocks should pick up a fish or two.

Redfin here are schooling up and the most successful method in catching a few has been locate a school on the sounder, then jig lures down to depths approaching 20m. There are still fish to be had right around the lake’s fringes but early mornings and fishing in depths approaching eight metres is certainly the way to go.

As we approach the start of autumn hopefully the cooler nights and some decent rains will switch the trout back on 24/7. Time will tell.

An Elingamite redfin. One of many up for grabs.

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