Yarra clears and fishing quality improves
  |  First Published: March 2013

The Yarra river has finally cleared up and is in great shape. The fishing along its banks almost anywhere is awesome!

From the top end where the trout live, you can expect a good afternoon rise in most cases with caddis and small mayfly being present. If you’re an early bird and can make the river just on day-break you might catch a hatch of pale morning duns (or the Aussie equivalent of ephemerella). This little bug is only a size 18 and you’ll need to match it if you want success!

Other than the fly, spin and bait drifters have been doing very well.

With the water clear, most small, shallow swimming hardbodied lures and bladed spinners will catch you some nice little trout.

River black fish are also making themselves known and you can catch these tasty little fish on a good bunch of worms fished in a slow deep hole.

With the temperature increase in the upper catchment redfin are also starting to wake up (please dispatch all redfin caught).

The middle Yarra is as good as it gets right now.

The water is prime for native fish with plenty of food, good temperatures and a great semi-clear colour.

Spinner baits and hardbodied lures have been a favourite for the canoe and kayakers and the bank anglers using yabbies and scrub worms have been having great mixed bags of fish including carp, Macquarie perch, Murray cod and the old eel or 20 if they stay into the night.

This is the time to fish methodically.

The fish are set up in their station with very little if any change or movements from here on in.

You’ll find fish tight in the structure, so accurate casting is essential and sometime it pays to fish the better looking snags hard and with lots of different lure and baits to get the fish to bite. Peak feeding time are before 10am and after 3pm.

Drop into the Compleat Angler Ringwood for all the latest news and tackle to fish this magic river.

In the top reaches of the Yarra trout can be taken on a variety of small hardbodied lures.

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