Fingermark Fighting Fit
  |  First Published: December 2007

Fishing has been good at Hinchinbrook during the December period. We have been catching some good fingermark while trolling deep divers in all our usual holes and haunts. We have had the odd black Jew respond to deep divers as well. They are certainly a welcome by-catch. I have found the Jew are coming from the deepest parts of the holes rather than trolling the edges as you would for most other species.

During December some of the lads from the Cardwell Sportfishing club have ventured out to the shelf where they found acres of yellowfin tuna and wahoo. As usual, they got a couple of hookups on midsized marlin of around 400lb but could not manage to get any fish into the boat . They did not mind though, as there was so much other pelagic activity to give all a good workout.

Flathead have been active during this warmer period particularly on the northern beaches from Meunga creek to Hull heads. We have noticed some rather large ones for northern waters. You can have a lot of fun catching Flathead on small shallow divers and soft plastics while casting at the sand spots that protrude from most creek and river mouths. They are a good species for kids to learn on as they are quite often easy to catch.

Another species that has been active of late are the Northern bluefin tuna. The eastern side of Hinchinbrook Island has seen a lot of activity and as usual the seaward side of Eva Island has been lousy with them. The inshore tuna activity should continue over the next few months particularly after the wet season.

Which brings me to January - usually the wettest month of the year and when the monsoon starts and sometimes doesn’t stop for quite a while. This seasonal rain tends to throw our rivers and inshore fishing out of whack for a few weeks. The floodwaters also bring in the bull sharks and they harass every other species of fish, which may be one reason why you mainly catch fish out on the headlands in shallow murky water during the flood run off period.

Barramundi season is still closed until February 1, but these fish are still busy this time of year, despite not having to evade fishos. During the wet season barra will head upstream to where the freshwater drains are running into upper reaches. They can congregate in large numbers and are mostly small male fish. It sometimes makes you wonder whether they do it for breeding purposes or are they up there to try and escape the Bull sharks as well. Either way its better to keep away from the rivers during the wet and concentrate on the headlands and inshore islands for jacks, fingermark, coral trout etc.

January is often used by most northern anglers to go over their gear and get prepared for fishing after the wet. Most fishos also use this period to organise their yearly fishing holidays so if you are thinking of coming to Hinchinbrook and would like some more info on fishing charters and accommodation drop us line on 0414341972 or email, --e-mail address hidden-- Hope you all had a great start to the New Year.

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