Settled weather has fish feeding
  |  First Published: March 2013

March would be one the my favourite months of the year to fish, the weather is still warm and we get a lot of days where the wind is settled with overcast skies, making for some great days on the water.

Most species such as cod, yellas, trout and redfin will all be worth targeting this month, with native fish and redfin relishing the warm water, and trout using some cooler, low light conditions to feed as well.

Devil Bend Reservoir

Devil Bend Reservoir still remains a hot spot with some new and old trout being landed. Fish up to 2.5kg have been reported being caught. Anglers fishing lightly weighted baits of yabby and scrubworm around the edges and drop offs have been catching quality fish.

For the lure angler, both small and large options will work. Small, subtle soft plastics that resemble aquatic insects and minnows are a reliable option for trout hunting along weed beds, while larger hardbodied lures worked aggressively will still get the attention of the fish, and also attract some true monsters.

Sugarloaf Reservoir

Sugarloaf Reservoir has been fishing well right through the day for redfin and yellowbelly, however by late afternoon the sun has warmed the water up and this gives the fish another bite period. From about 4pm onwards you can expect yellowbelly to feed up before calling it quits for the day, and if you’re persistent enough you will get a bite from them. Small-wired 1/4oz spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits in the 40-65mm size worked slowly along the lake edges and standing timber will get a look in from both yellowbelly and also large redfin.

Karkarook Park

Karkarook has produced mixed results for anglers lining the edges of the lake. Trout are being caught using a variety of dough baits fished under floats, with Dynamite Baits garlic nymph mixture being one of the more popular. Small numbers of carp have also been caught on the same bait. Some anglers are also catching trout spinning small hardbodied lures around the lake as well. Lures like Rapalas ultralight minnow in the rainbow trout pattern are a popular choice, just remember to fish them as light as possible to maximise their action.

Lilydale Lake

Lilydale Lake is one of the better impoundment in the Yarra Valley region at present, it continues to produce some nice catches of fish. Although the trout have slowed down at present, carp and redfin have been taken in good numbers for this time of year. Carp are best taken on maggots while using a fine grain berley to attract them, and for redfin a #2 Celta style lure in the gold and black colour.

The Yarra

Regular customer Jordan Cervenjak has been fishing the upper reaches of the Yarra recently and caught some lovely trout on spinners with copper blades. The beauty of the copper blade is that it reflects enough light to be noticed without spooking the fish.

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A lovely little trout from the upper Yarra area. Photo courtesy Jordan Cervenjak.

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