Warm water and tough conditions expected to ease
  |  First Published: March 2013

The Kiewa River has seen some pretty tough fishing conditions over the warmer months. It has also seen some red hot fishing at times too. Hopefully during March things will stabilise and the fishing will become more consistent.

The trout fishing was tough for much of summer as the water temperature got a lot warmer than it usually does thanks to some insanely hot weather. As the temperatures cool during autumn I am expecting to see some great fishing in the Kiewa.

Because the fishing was tough during the traditional holiday period, less fish were taken from the water during the busiest time of year. This may have been an inconvenience for holiday makers, but for anglers fishing the Kiewa during autumn it means more fish in the water than at the same time most years.

Anywhere from the Dederang Bridge upstream will be worth fishing during autumn. I like to use bladed spinners with a fluorescent orange body during March as for some reason I find it attracts a lot of attention from trout at this time of year. Each year I try to work out why this is but to this day I am unsure as it is too early in the year to replicate a trout egg.

But for whatever reason, a fluorescent orange bladed spinner is a great starting point in the Kiewa River during March.

Across in the Mitta Mitta River it is a similar story, although in the deep dark holes between Eskdale and Mitta Mitta township I like to use a minnow of some description to try and temp one of the resident larger fish. A larger minnow is more likely to temp a big fish but less likely to temp a small fish.

March is also a great time to fish the small streams that feed these rivers, provided there is enough water in them as the larger fish will be starting to make their way upstream for their annual late autumn spawning run. The lower ends of the smaller tributary streams that seem to hold few, or no fish during the hot months may just hold some pleasant surprises towards the second half of March.

The giant Lake Dartmouth will also be worth hitting in March, particularly towards the end of the month as the surface water temperature begins to cool and the trout begin cruising just under the surface of an evening looking for a feed of insects which have fallen onto the water. Try flat-line trolling winged lures such as Tassie Devil's around towards evening. If this technique is not working, try trolling a small minnow. During the day, downrigging is worth a shot to get the lure away from the direct sunlight and into some cooler water.

Murray cod

As with the trout fishing, the Murray cod fishing has been quite hit and miss all summer in the Kiewa River. This is not uncommon though as the Kiewa River is notorious for being hot and cold. Brenton Richardson has been fishing the Kiewa a lot this summer and has had some days that have been nothing short of spectacular.

In March the stable autumn weather patterns may assist with more consistent cod fishing conditions, however releases of water upstream to generate electricity can still switch the fish on and off at the drop of a hat. My advice when fishing the Kiewa this March is to be prepared for either a great day or a disappointing day.

Anywhere from Boyds Bridge from upper Gundowering downstream to the junction with the Murray River will be worth fishing. Kayak fishing is a great option on the Kiewa River however care does need to be taken as some of the river has some pretty fast current and submerged hazards.

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