Somerton steals the show
  |  First Published: March 2013

The 2013 Daiwa-Hobie BREAM Kayak Series kicked off in grand style with 44 eager anglers hitting the water for the opening round of the series on Victoria’s Glenelg River.

Turning his second place from last year’s Glenelg event into an event win this year, Somerton tried to repeat his hot pattern from previous but soon found that lightning doesn’t strike twice.

“I fished the shallows down the bottom early on day one but for little return, so I pulled the pin and headed upriver in search of active fish,” said Somerton.

Moving to the ski zone up river of the tournament start line, Somerton picked up his first fish on a shallow Jackall Chubby. He later swapped it for an Ecogear Grass Minnow (aka pink grub), which soon proved itself as the hot lure for the weekend.

“The pink grub was definitely the gun lure. The fish weren’t very active and the Ecogear had just the right amount of finesse to get the fish to bite,” said Somerton.

Fishing the steep rock walls and underways, Somerton fished different to many anglers who fish the area, opting not to parallel the banks but instead fishing his pink grubs out from the walls.

“I cast the grub tight to the wall, jiggle it and then let it sink down the face. I jiggle it again this time sinking it down to the second drop-off,” said Somerton.

With the pink grub rigged on an unweighted worm hook the sink rate was slow and retrieve methodical. “You had to be patient, you couldn’t rush it,” said Somerton.

The approach produced five legal fish for Somerton on day one, including two upgrades, and three legal fish on day two.

“It was hard work to stay focused and not get frustrated with how slow you had to work the lure and how tough the bite was,” said Somerton.

Somerton is continuing his hot streak from last year with the first victory of the 2013 series. If the pattern continues Somerton will be on track to successfully defend his AOY crown.

Chris Cashes in Again

Joining Somerton on the winner’s podium for the second year in a row was Victorian kayaker Chris Burbidge who compiled a 6/6, 3.095kg limit to start the year in good form, and secure a berth in the Grand Final and one of the two invites to this year’s Hobie Worlds.

Fishing the areas and techniques that had produced for him in the past, including last year’s win, Burbidge focused most of his attention on the rocky edges and drop-offs at Simpsons Landing and Taylors Strait and worked them with a combination of Cranka Vibes and Atomic Cranks.

“I worked the drop-offs and undercut banks paying attention to fish slow and fish thoroughly,” said Burbidge.

His technique involved casting his black colour Cranka Vibe tight to the edge, letting it sink then slow rolling it out, pause it then let it sink down to the second drop-off, then slow roll it again.

“The key was to keep the lure in contact with the bottom where the fish were holding and not over work the lure,” said Burbidge.

The approach delivered Burbidge 15-20 fish on day one, but on day two things got a lot harder. “I picked up a fish early on a top water lure but then the bite died,” said Burbidge.

Swapping to his ever-reliable Cranka Vibe that had served him well the day before Burbidge picked up one fish before things once again drew to a halt.

“They just didn’t want the Cranka so I swapped to a deep diving black coloured Atomic Crank 38,” said Burbidge.

The change worked with Burbidge picking up the final fish for his limit. The presentation was typical crank fishing casting tight to the edge then slow roll it back keeping the lure as close to the bottom and structure as possible.

On his final day a change of lure was just what he needed, delivering him the second heaviest bag for the session and anchoring his top two finish. Always an angler to watch when the kayak tour comes to Glenelg, Burbidge has a few tricks that help him catch fish when many others struggle, his choice of tackle being the most notable.

“I never go past black when choosing my lures, it’s definitely the standout colour. I also make sure I retro-fit my Cranka Vibes with Decoy trebles. These are the stickiest hooks I can find and catch more fish than any others,” said Burbidge.

With a spot booked in both the Hobie Worlds and Grand Final, Burbidge is now pressure free when it comes to qualifying for the two biggest events of the year.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the year. Roll on the next event at Bemm I say,” said Burbidge.

Bruce Bags Boss Hog

The Hogs Breath Boss Hog for the event broke the magic 1kg mark with Bruce Waterson winning the $100 prize with his 1.715kg fish caught on day one. Caught near the mouth of the river Waterson caught it on an Atomic Bream Shad in a 1.3m deep hole sandwiched between two stand bars.

“I threw the Bream Shad in then worked it with a series of small twitches, pauses and the occasional roll. It was on the pause that it hit the lure,” said Waterson.

The standout fish of the tournament not only added $100 to Waterson’s winnings but also delivered him a $500 Atomic Bonus for the biggest fish caught on an Atomic lure.

Attention now turns to the next event at Victoria’s Bemm River. One of the most popular stops on the tour this event should see a big field and big fish return to the scene of last year’s Daiwa-Hobie BREAM Kayak Grand Final.

Visit www.bream.com.au and www.hobiefishing.com.au to find out all the information on the event and the 2013 series.

Winning Tackle

Rod: Daiwa BREAM Specialist

Reel: Daiwa Certate 1003

Line: 4lb Daiwa TD Sensore

Leader: 3lb and 5lb fluorocarbon

Winning Ways

“The fish were very timid so I made sure I put plenty of Squidgy S-factor on my lure to increase the chances of the bream eating it.”


Glenelg River BREAM Kayak Worlds Qualifer Angler Results

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