Some great yellowbelly amongst the many carp
  |  First Published: February 2013

The great Wimmera summer weather has seen many anglers out and about in search of a few fish.

In particular the Wimmera River and Taylors Lake have been very popular due to the excellent native fishing at these waters. Unfortunately for every native that is caught at these waters you must first catch a multitude of stinking, bait wasting carp that have bred like rabbits at our waters over the last few years.

Good news for local and visiting trout anglers alike is the re opening of the popular Koonong Wootong reservoir not far from Balmoral on the way to Coleraine. Koonong produces some of the best trout fishing around when it is going. This lake had been shut for some time due to works at the dam wall but was still being regularly stocked with trout, which must be a good size by now.

Fly anglers in particular love this water due to the great dun hatches that often occur here. I plan on giving Koonong a long awaited fish very soon.

Wimmera river

I have been having a lot of fun fishing the river around Horsham in the evenings after work and catching a number of yellowbelly, catfish and a few silver perch on baits such as worms and small yabbies. The carp have been in huge numbers and are now even taking yabbies which is a bit disheartening when you think you have hooked a large yellowbelly only to see it turn into a carp.

The stretch of river at Dimboola has been fishing very well with a few big yellowbelly and nice catfish being caught around the ski bend to Horseshoe bend area, mostly on bait. There has also been heaps of carp along here as well.

When the river was running due to an environmental flow a few weeks ago the redfin went berserk below the Jeparit weir with some big catches of reddies up to 1.3kg being taken on trolled lures and vibes, and plastics fished below the weir. I had a great trip here recently and caught a number of big reddies on green Berkley Big Eye vibes fished slow along the bottom cast from my boat. I also caught a number of carp on the vibes as well. Now the water isn’t flowing so much the bite has now slowed down a bit here but a few nice reddies are still being caught, along with some nice yellowbelly.

Lake Toolondo

The trout show no sign of slowing down here with good rainbows and browns still being taken on bait, lure and fly. The majority of fish are being taken trolling lures or fishing mudeye under bubble floats. The after dark flyfishing along the north and west banks has been great with trout coming right in close searching for bug mudeye. Good flies have been the Mrs Simpson and Woolly Buggers.

Trout have been growing very fast here and are now up to 1.9kg and full of fight. Most are averaging around the kilo mark. I haven’t heard of many redfin from here though.

Lake Fyans

The hot weather seems to have slowed things down a bit here but some good trout and redfin are still being caught in the mornings, evenings and after dark. Mudeyes fished under a bubble float has been working well as has trolling lures. Fly anglers have also been doing well, particularly in the evenings fishing wets and nymphs slowly. Not many large trout have been taken here for some time though, most have been around 1kg.

Taylors Lake

This lake has been very popular lately and some nice yellowbelly, small silver perch, redfin and a few small Murray cod are getting caught mostly by bait anglers fishing from the shore near any timber. Local angler Wally Sudholz has been doing very well here on the yellowbelly with his best yella around the 1.8kg mark taken on worms a few weeks ago. Wally also hooked and lost a very large cod on a bardi grub here recently as well. The fishing has been a bit hit and miss here during the day but the evenings have been turning on some great action. The carp here have been out in force though and will soon diminish your bait supply when using worms.

Not much lure fishing has been taking place due to the discolored waters.

Rocklands reservoir

Huge numbers of big carp are being caught here right across the reservoir but the redfin fishing has been pretty good, particularly at Hynes and at Brodies. Trolling lures and casting vibes and plastics has been best for the reddies which have been up to a kilo or so. A few brown and rainbow trout around 1kg are also getting caught by anglers chasing the reddies.

The redfin catches at Hynes have been well up on previous years maybe because this area isn’t fished as heavily as the rest of the lake because a lot of anglers had forgotten about this area. There is a good boat launching area at Hynes and a caravan park and Horsham Angling club lodge which is a great facility and can be booked by large groups of anglers.

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