Lack of rain lowers levels
  |  First Published: February 2013

For the first time in what seems years, I can use the words lack of rain.

However with the lower water and warmer temperatures, it has made some cracking dry fly fishing for the fly anglers.

Traralgon Creek has dwindled back to a lower flow river like four years ago before we started getting all these rains, I can’t believe we are saying we need more rain, as it was only a month ago when it seemed like the rains wouldn’t stop.

What this has done has allowed us to see the population of trout in the creek again.

We were worried that most of the fish were dead, but with all the summer mayfly hatches and ant falls recently, you can go up of an evening a see fish rising which is a very good sign.

The numbers don’t seem to be as high as usual however fish are rising at the heavily fished locations which mean there are at least a catchable population still there.

This means the fly anglers have been having a ball using dry flies such as Dads Favourites, small Knobby Hoppers and other terrestrial patterns such as ants and termites.

It’s getting a little low for a lot of lures however floating hardbodied lures and small #1 Celtas are still catching a few.

Morwell River has maintained a better flow and hence is producing more and bigger fish than Traralgon Creek. Again, the dry fly anglers are in their element here, however its not too bad too drown a worm still.

I haven’t heard of any big trout this summer, most fish have been around 20-25cm.

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