Another dry year, with rain!
  |  First Published: February 2013

It's shaping up to be one of those years...again! The weather man said it was going to be dry with little rain – he must have meant that it would be dry… 'soon'!

Anyway, the river continues to go up and down, all be it very slightly. The colour of the water is of concern in the upper section as this time of the year it’s normally clear and the trout are rising their heads off. Rising they are yes, but not as frequently as they should! Still, fishing a bead head nymph upstream with an indicator during the day will get you a fish or three, as will lure casting a bladed spinner.

My preference is to fish a lure, fly or bait at the moment in the ‘trouty’ sections of the river, such as Woori upstream.

The middle section on the other hand is looking fantastic. This is the section from Yarra Glen to Kew. Native fish whispers are starting in the underground sectors of the grapevines, so this is a good sign. I think if you hit the normal spots with a spinnerbait or hardbodied lure from a kayak or canoe and covered some water doing it you'd be in – try Wonga Park to Templestowe.

For the bait fishing crew this is your time to shine! You can get some nice fish at this time of the year if you’re patient and wait them out. It pays to be daring with your casts and put a nice bunch of scrub worms or smashed yabbies right into the centre of a big old snag. It's tough getting them out, but at least you'll get some action!

It's important to make sure you and the others you fish with don’t leave any rubbish behind whilst fishing the Yarra this summer. There has been a lot of it going on and I know that local councils are looking at tightening up our access if it continues.

There are not always rubbish bins present, either where you’re fishing or in the car parks…that doesn’t mean you can just chuck it. You brought it, you take it home. Also try picking up other peoples’ rubbish on your way out. I know it’s not awesome and it makes you feel a little weird, but every little bit helps.

Some people are just morons and can't be helped – they always litter and that’s the way they are!

But if you can help please do.

Mad Dog Adam Royter with a small Yarra trout taken on a small lure.

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