Warm weather makes great cod fishing
  |  First Published: February 2013

This is a great time of year to explore some different styles of fishing, with the water so warm now in the rivers, the Murray cod are very active and searching for food.

One of the most exciting ways to catch cod is on surface lures. These lures work on the surface as you slowly retrieve them making a noise but often a ‘V’ shape on the water that the cod will target in on. The cod see these lures representing small mice, frogs or birds. There is a wide range of surface lures available for cod and I prefer to use the jointed style as it offers a little more action. Look for quiet backwater holes in the evening when the water is calm, cod will see these lures better on very still water.

The rate of hook ups compared to strikes on surface lures can be quite low so to increase this, simply add 2 or 3 split rings between the rear of the lure and the hook which will drop the hook further below the surface.

In the Yarra, areas like Warrandyte through to Templestowe will offer good fishing over the next couple of months. Target the deeper and bigger pools which suit cod because of the protection and the amount of food that flows into them.

The section above Warburton also has some great fishing pools with trout commonly being caught also in the deeper section in summer.

Devil Bend Reservoir is gaining popularity all the time, the fishing here has been fairly consistent with good-sized trout being caught on shallow running lures and a range of baits. Some of the better baits have been rainbow Powerbait, A1 trout worms and maggots.

Sugarloaf Reservoir continues to provide good action on the yellas and redfin. This impoundment offer excellent lure fishing over the summer period. For the best results on yellas use a 3/4oz spinnerbait and slow roll it along the bottom.

Redfin can be targeted on either soft plastics or 40g vibes.

Please note that you can only use artificial baits when fishing here, no worms, maggots or other natural baits.

Karkarook Lake is fishing well on the trout but only in the early and late part of the day due to the heat.

Redfin are still very active so try tempting them on 3-4” soft plastics, bladed lures or vibes. The fly fishers will do well this time of year here as there is loads of insect life and the trout are constantly rising.

For up to date fishing information, contact the guys at Compleat Angler in Dandenong on 9794 9397 or drop in and see us at 241 – 243 Princes Hwy, Dandenong, we are open 7 days a week or go to www fishingcamping.com.au .

Now is the time for Murray cod in the Metro waters.

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