Fish early and late to escape the heat
  |  First Published: February 2013

February seems to be the month where a lot of smaller fish go on the bite in our region.

With the temperature normally in the high 30s and low 40s fishing early and late is a must. So many local anglers have used these conditions well to lure a lot of fish off the surface. I do speak about it a lot but it’s probably the most exciting form of freshwater fishing going around. Huge visual strikes minimal loss of lures and plenty of heart stopping moments think will the hooks stick or not.

The banks along the Goulburn and Broken rivers are ideal for surface fishing with plenty of accessible banks with snags in easy casting distance. Be aware that the hook up rate is not as huge if you’re using a spinnerbaits or a hardbodied lure. So keep patient and try not to strike when you see it being smashed.

If you’re not into lure fishing, I suggest find the shadiest spot and keep cool on the hot days. Live shrimp and yabbies are dynamite this time of the year. I have heard a lot of people saying the carp are very active and seem to take a liking to scrub worms. I seem to find less carp catches on shrimp or yabbies so unless you’re looking to catch high numbers or carp and even silver perch I would stick to live baits from the river.

There are some very good bank fishing spots out towards Moria Park that fish well in the hotter weather, if that doesn’t work try the Goulburn and Broken junction.

Shepparton Lake

The lake has been very hard to fish lately, as yet again it has a weed problem; I guess this will make us use different tactics. From working the top water with flies or small poppers or walk-the-dog lures. Another technique is rigging up weedless soft plastics.

It’s a real shame as the lake was turning into a great little spot for a quick fish or a place to take kids fishing. I guess the only positive is the fish will get extra time to grow into good quality fighting fish.

Kialla Lakes

Kialla Lakes is a complete opposite of Shepparton Lake, it has no weed to restrict fishing but it seems to have lost its crazy summer bite we have been used to in the past seasons.

There used to be a time where there could be up to a dozen people fishing the lakes every night, with 95% of anglers practicing catch and release. Fingers crossed we see the lakes fire up again in the coming months as it was a personal favourite of mine and many more.

Andrew Dalton with a cod caught on a brand new locally made pirate spinnerbait.

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