Summer days by the lakes produces great angling
  |  First Published: December 2012

We have been enjoying a terrific run of fishing in the Wimmera.

Along with the great fishing, the yabbying has been great right across the region as well. The more popular yabby lakes include Green Lake, Miga, Lonsdale and Clear Lake. Many different swamps around the Wimmera are also producing good catches of yabbies as well.

Rocklands reservoir

The redfin fishing has been pretty good here with locations such as the wall, Glendining and Brodies producing some very nice fish to 1.2kg. The occasional trout has also been taken in these areas as well by redfin anglers. Most of the better catches are being taken by trolling diving lures while looking for a school of fish on the sounder. Good lures have been Stumpjumpers, Rapala shad raps and Attack Minnows. A few very large carp are also hitting the trolled lures which is a bit of a pain when you think you have a great big redfin on only to see an ugly carp show up after a lengthy battle.

Bait fishing in the timbered areas with gudgeon and yabbies is also working but large numbers of big carp can often waste a lot of time while bait fishing here, which is why I tend not to use worms for bait at this water. A small number of Australian bass have been getting caught as well which are a bit of a surprise.

The yabbies have also been going well after dark with some beautiful big black yabbies being caught in drop nets in about 3m of water around the turkey neck area.

Lake Toolondo

The fishing has slowed a little here with the hot summer weather now here but some nice trout have been getting caught in the mornings, evenings and after dark. The browns and rainbows have been growing very fast here and are now up to 1.8kg and full of fight. A few small redfin have also been caught lately. Trolling with winged lures has been popular and the best colour has been the white/blue Victorian & Tas Fishing Monthly Tassie Devil: it has consistently out-fished any other colour on any given day. Pink is also working well.

The flyfishing has been good particularly after dark as the trout have been coming right into the shallows hunting mudeyes along the north shore. Good flies have been Mrs Simpson, Woolly Buggers, Hamils Killers and Craigs Night Time. Bait fishing with mudeye under floats or Powerbait on a running sinker is also catching a lot of trout as well.

Glenelg river

A number of good redfin averaging around the 500-700g mark are being caught at many spots along this river with Cherrypool, Fulham and the stretch below Rocklands fishing well. Casting lures and soft plastics has been very popular along here. Some thumping big Australian bass have been showing up near the Balmoral area and are often caught on a hot, balmy evening when there are heaps of insects landing on the water. There has been some very big redfin to 1.8 kg being caught around the Harrow area on soft plastics along.

Taylors Lake

With all the other lakes fishing so well, this place had been a bit forgotten about by local anglers but those that have been fishing here are doing pretty well. Bait fishing with yabbies and gudgeon has been working well on many redfin to 800g and some very nice yellowbelly to 1.5kg.

There is some very large cod present at this water but they don’t move around much looking for food as there is so many small carp literally on tap here. Trolling with lures would probably be the best way to try and catch a large cod here and is something I will certainly be giving a go over the next month or so.

Wimmera River

The river has come to life with the warmer weather and good catches are being taken all the way from Glenorchy all the way to Hindmarsh. Around Horsham some big yellowbelly to 3kg are hitting spinnerbaits and yabbies cast around the snags at the big water, riverside and below the weir.

Good numbers of yellowbelly averaging around a kilo but including some very big fish to 3.5kg are being caught at lower Norton, Dimboola and Jeparit along with some very nice catfish. The run of big redfin at the Jeparit weir has now slowed down with only the occasion good size redfin around 1kg being caught there now. It seems a lot of these redfin have now moved back into Lake Hindmarsh.

Lake Fyans

The fishing has slowed down a bit here which is normal for summer but good fishing can still be had early in the mornings, the evenings and especially after dark. Bait fishing for the trout with mudeye under bubble floats or Powerbait on a running sinker is doing most of the damage but fly fishing after dark would also be well worth the effort.

Trolling is picking up the odd trout along with a few nice redfin to a kilo. Bait fishing the timbered areas with small yabbies and gudgeon is also picking up some good redfin along with the occasional big tench.

There hasn’t been many large trout caught here at all over the last year they all seem to be going around the 800g-1kg mark. Surely there has to be a few of the large trout about that this lake is so well known for, perhaps fishing after dark is the way to get amongst the bigger trout here.

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