Small stream runs well
  |  First Published: December 2012

Fishing in our area has been a mixed bag with some quite poor fishing mixed in with some very nice trout being caught.

One of the best browns caught in recent times was landed at Mathiesons Flat on the Dargo River. Two fly fishers drove to a river crossing where they were intending to fish. After some discussion they decided that this spot was too ‘public’ and it was likely that there would be few fish left here at this time of the season. Instead they headed off downstream to try their luck.

In the meantime another angler arrived and began fishing the so-called ‘public spot. Shortly after he hooked and landed a brown trout of 2.2kg. The two fly fishers returned just in time to admire the fish that perhaps they could have caught. 

The Dargo River often produces trophy trout of 1.5kg+. At the moment it is flowing nicely and fishing quite well. It is generally at its best before the real heat of summer. Other rivers around the small hamlet of Dargo including the Crooked, Wonnangatta and Wongongarra are all producing reasonable fishing but mostly small browns. All these rivers should improve over the next month and continue to fish well until we get some really hot weather.

The good news is that, due to the excellent snow season and spring rain, all the small streams and springs are running well and this should help keep the river flows up and the water temperature moderate.

Around Omeo the Mitta Mitta River in the Hinnomunjie area is flowing nicely and there are lots of bugs around. Mayflies and beetles are appearing and there are a lot of caddis around but the fishing is poor. A few small browns are being caught but nothing significant.

Higher up the Mitta it is a little better. Again the river is in good shape and there are more fish to be caught particularly upstream of the Bundarra River. Phil Neilson caught five small browns downstream of the Glen Wills bridge in about 3-hours of fishing. This is fairly typical of the fishing at the moment.

There have been some great evening rises in this section but the trout are very fussy and hard to catch.
Lake Dartmouth has inundated the Gibbo River almost up to the top flat. The bottom grassy flat is covered with water but difficult to access by foot due to the lake flooding the track. Boats are being launched into the dam from here. 

Fishing in the Gibbo above the lake has been poor with a few small rainbows being caught. The Buemba River, which flows into the Gibbo, was fantastic last season but not so good at present. A few small browns are being taken but it is pretty lean pickings. Nearby the Indi is also quiet and probably not worth the long 4x4 drive into the area.
The Cobungra and Bundara Rivers are yielding a few fish and are both in good shape.

Again, mostly are small browns. Livingston Creek is flowing nicely but the fishing is poor.

On a brighter note the Timbara River near Buchan has been fishing quite well. Most of the fish are under 500g but they are about in good numbers. Also there have been some reasonable catches of trout in the Tanbo River particually in the golf club area.

Let's hope that the fishing improves before my next report.

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