Steady improvement in fishing action
  |  First Published: December 2012

The fishing has improved in the Bendigo region as the trend of below average temperatures has continued.

We ideally need some warm weather so water temperatures increase more rapidly and we will see a significant increase in anglers catch rates. The trend of below average rainfall has continued. This has led to an improvement in water clarity at most locations in the region.


This location continues to be the most popular destination in the region and it is common to see up to 100 boats out on this waterway over the weekend. The majority of anglers fishing this destination are mainly targeting redfin, but results lately have been mixed. Those anglers who are more experienced are still managing to catch reasonable numbers of redfin, however there are many anglers who are not catching many fish. The overall numbers of redfin in the lake are significantly less than what they were the previous two seasons. Anglers should be prepared to try many different locations in order to locate a good school of redfin. At the present time the best concentrations of redfin can be found in depths between 7-10m of water. Many anglers are currently fishing in too shallow water and are not able to locate good concentrations of fish.

Good-sized redfin have been caught by those anglers trolling deep diving hardbodied lures. If a good concentration of redfin has been located then anglers are producing good results casting soft plastics. Vertically jigging Ice Jigs and soft plastics has also been a productive tactic.

Small numbers of golden perch have also been caught at this location. The majority of theses have been caught by anglers trolling hardbodied lures between 4-6m.


The improvement in the fishing in the Campaspe River continues to be gradual. Water clarity and temperatures are slowing improving. If the trend of below average rainfall continues and we do start to receive some warmer weather we should see a good improvement in the productivity in the fishing at many locations along the Campaspe River.

At the present time small numbers of redfin and small numbers of golden perch are being caught. The majority of the redfin have been caught by anglers fishing bladed spinners and soft plastics. Casting lipless crankbaits has been the most productive technique for the golden perch.


Reports of anglers fishing this destination continue to be few and far between. At this stage this destination continues to be disappointing for the majority of anglers. On a positive note I have started to hear anglers’ redfin catch rates have been improving. The majority of redfin that have been caught are small in size. Hopefully if we get some warm weather shortly we will see an improvement in the numbers of golden perch being caught as only the occasional golden perch has been caught so far.


The productivity in the fishing in the Loddon River continues to slowly improve. Water clarity is currently good for the first several kilometres above Bridgewater. Water clarity then starts to deteriorate as you head further upstream to Laanecoorie.

Water clarity is also good downstream of Bridgewater to the Serpentine Weir with small numbers of golden perch making up the majority of anglers catch rates. Good results are being produced by those anglers casting suspending hardbodied lures. Small numbers of golden perch are also being caught on casting lipless crankbaits.

The numbers of redfin being caught in the Loddon River is currently low. If the cool temperature continues the improvement in catch rates will continue to be steady. If we experience a period of above average temperatures then we will see a more significant improvement in anglers catch rates.

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