River moods test anglers skills
  |  First Published: December 2012

The river is still in an up and down mood!

The water is at a reasonable level but still continues to not want to clear up.

The top end of the river around Reefton is your best bet to find the clear water. Lure casting in the area is still the gun technique.

Moving down to Warburton you'll find the water fresh and cold with a little colour and the trout are in full flight on the feed. They are coming to the lure with much aggregation and will gobble down a drifted worm like its Christmas again.

A little closer to Melbourne, around Woori Yallock the water starts to get a little dirtier again and nosy lures like Vibrax spinners or rattling hardbodied lures such as 3B Puppy Dogs will produce the best results for the lure caster.

Working PowerBait Nuggets, Gulp Trout Dough or Dynamite Baits - Floating Trout Bait in all the slowest water and holes will catch you a good bag of trout and the odd black fish.

For the fly anglers at this time of the year there are enough bugs about to get the trout in the upper Yarra working hard during the day and into the evening but with the slight coloration they are not coming to the surface very often to eat - so the afternoon rise is hit and miss!

Your best bet in this situation is to fish subsurface with nymphs and wet flies. Upstream nymphing with an indicator and across and down with a bead head wet will get results.

Below Yarra Glenn and the water looks very typical of this system but strangely enough, is low enough to hunt native fish in.

Golden perch, Murray cod and Macquarie perch are your targets here.

The water could still do to be a little warmer but there is no risk in getting in early to catch these great fish.

Bait fishing is the go until the water warms and live bait is the key!

Try yabbies and a really big bunch of scrub worms. Don't forget to berley – it’s not just for snapper you know!

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