The 2013 RPG&SC Inc. Sportfishing Competition
  |  First Published: May 2013

Save the date and pen in your calendar as The 2013 RPG&SC Inc. Sportfishing Competition is on the 18-19 May.

Held at the MBBC under the sun shade, or club deck if wet, the event is open to all financial member of RPG&SC Inc or any other person who is a financial member of another fishing club affiliated with ANSA or QGFA, and registers for the competition.

It has a very reasonable entry price of $20 for Seniors and Juniors (under 16yo) are free. Registration forms must be filled out and emailed details to Mick King prior to 10am Saturday on 18th May.

Fishing area is permitted in all waters between Double Island Point and Queensland/NSW Border, including freshwater dams and rivers (excluding privately owned waters).

All eligible fish species are per the eligible species list for ANSA. A 10% allowance will be given for cleaned fish, but no allowance will be made for Masters, State or National records.

This competition is conducted under ANSA rules for Division 1 Sportfishing and Division 2 Lure casting.

Fishing times will start midnight Friday and will cease at 4.30pm Sunday. The presentation will be held at approximately 4.30pm Sunday after weigh-in and points calculated. The weigh station will be open from 2.30pm to 4.30pm on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a free BBQ provided on Sunday for the weigh-in and presentation. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased from the MBBC bar.

Trophy categories

The trophy categories are as follows:

• Highest total point scores for Senior male and female.

• Highest total point scores for Juniors male and female.

• Highest point scoring fish for a Senior and Junior.


All State and Federal Fishing Regulations and bag limits must be observed.

You may use line classes 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, and 15kg. As per the ANSA regulations, braid may be used by fishing with ‘breakaway trace’. The breakaway trace must be a minimum of 500mm long and a maximum of 1.5 times the rod length. The main line must be at least one strain heavier than the breakaway trace.

Each Angler can weigh their best 5 fish of each species, per day. Points are calculated as per the ANSA formula: (fish weight kg) x 100 x fighting factor and then divided by line class = points

While RPG&SC Inc takes all due care when conducting events ,the RPG&SC Inc. and the MBBC are not liable for any damage, injury or costs sustained to persons or property, therefore all persons participating in RPG&SC Inc events must conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

For further information contact: ANSA Delegate - Greg Skinner 0405 192 305 - --e-mail address hidden-- Chairman - Mick King 0419 750 677 - --e-mail address hidden-- Secretary - Greg Evans 0407 010 957 - --e-mail address hidden--

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