A great start!
  |  First Published: October 2008

Thankfully trout season has finally arrived. The trout gods were kind to us and produced a gorgeous opening weekend in Central Gippsland, perfect for chasing a trout or two.

Our Strzelecki streams, such as Morwell River and Traralgon Creek, witnessed a massive influx of angling pressure as many fishers took advantage of the beautiful weather.

Prior to trout opening, Central Gippsland had good rain, which raised the levels of these rivers. Closer to trout opening, however, the glorious weather caused the water level in these creeks to drop significantly in just a week. Despite this some excellent trout fishing was available.

Due to the lower water level in Traralgon Creek, the middle sections fished much better than the upper reaches. Rohan Burge caught half a dozen lovely brown trout to 32cm on Berkley 3” Power Minnows and Gulp 2.5” Minnows in these middle sections of the creek.

The upper section of Traralgon Creek proved a little tougher to fish as the trout were a little spooky. This didn’t deter local flyfishing guru Daryl Payne. He managed over a dozen brown trout on bead head nymphs, while a couple took small Royal Wulffs on the surface. The fish were 25-30cm.

I noticed many of the fish I caught had the bottom of their tails worn off, with a little bit of blood on the bottom. Darryl said he noticed the same thing on the fish he caught. This is no doubt due to the fish having spawned, as their tails rub on the pebbles and silt on the bottom. This is excellent and proves that many of the fish spawned this year.

Darren Baumgarten had an excellent session in Middle Creek near Boolara where he caught over a dozen good-sized brown trout to 36cm. Darren was using worms fished on a slack line cast upstream and allowed to drift back naturally with the current. In spots that were running too fast, he put on a tiny running ball sinker.

To the north, the Thomson River is looking fantastic. It has a perfect flow and is crystal clear. Russell Macklin fished the Coopers Creek area using wood grubs, where he managed a beautiful brown trout weighing over 1kg. He also lost something substantially bigger, but never got to see what it was. Don’t you hate that!

The Aberfeldy River produced some excellent trout fishing as well. Wayne Burge caught and released over 20 nice brown trout up to 30cm in length using Gulp 2.5” Minnows.

For more information on fishing Central Gippsland, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 5174 8544.

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