The MTA Barra Summer League 5th Round
  |  First Published: April 2013

Teemburra Dam was the venue for the fifth and penultimate round of the MTA Barra Summer League. Everyone expected the dam to fish very hard after the rain raised the dam by 1m to 99% full, but instead it fished just as well as it had in the last comp two weeks previously.

There were 10 boats, 20 anglers, participating in the event with 20 barra caught for session one and 36 barra for session two. Out of the total 56 barra caught for the comp, the biggest was 94cm and the smallest 45cm with an average size of 59.35cm; compared to 58.74cm for the last event. Full details of captures can be found on the website forum under tournament fishing.

As we looked at the facts and figure sheet from the previous round, not many fish had been caught after dark. It was decided at the last general meeting to change the 1st session start times from 2pm to 12noon and finish time from 9pm to 7pm. This had the added benefit of more time for socialising and discussing the 1st session, as anglers did not have to rush off to get ready for the Sunday morning early start.

During the first session on Saturday the competitors were faced with a very strong and searing westerly wind that made conditions very tough. However, 10 of the 20 anglers managed a respectable 20 barra on the brag mats.

Dustin Sippel, who had travelled up from Bundaberg with three of his mates, was leading the event after the first session with his best 3 fish totalling 203cm. Dustin had only seen the dam for the first time two days prior and managed a couple of pre fish sessions. He picked a large bay on the southern side of the dam and stayed there for the full session, the 100mm black and gold Slick Rig accounting for his bag.

In second place was Craig Breadsell who’s 3 fish bag limit for the session went for 177cm. Craig concentrated on weedy points around the dam and caught his fish on a Slick Rig and Yo Zuri lure.

The previous 4th round winner, Geoff Newby was in third place with 3 fish for a total length of 164cm. Geoff went straight to the spot that had been good to him during the previous round but had to endure a nervous 4 hour wait with no signs of any barra until he caught his first small specimen at 4pm.

The second session on Sunday morning again produced the westerly wind for the 6am start but, without the strength from the day before, this dropped out after the first hour changing to a steady southeasterly breeze. Similar to the last round, the barra were more obliging than the previous session preferring the morning to feed with 36 barra caught; nearly twice as many as the previous day.

Unfortunately for Dustin he could not hold onto his previous day’s top place position despite managing to get his 3 bag limit. Instead Geoff Newby found the better calibre of fish, biggest 92cm, that gave him a total length of 222cm for the session and 386cm for the 2 day total. Geoff again headed to the same tree-lined point in the middle of the dam that had produced the goods during his last 3 sessions. Geoff landed 7 barra during the second session, all but one he caught on 100cm Black and Gold Slick Rig fished on a 40lb fluorocarbon leader and 20lb Sufix 832 braid. The 92cm barra engulfed a 130mm Slick Rig while looking for an upgrade.

Dustin took second place with a session length of 158cm and a two day total of 361cm; a great performance for his first competition on the dam. Dustin went back to the same bay that had produced for him in the first session and managed his 3 bag limit but could not find the same calibre of fish as he caught in the first session. He also caught all is barra on the 100mm Slick Rig.

Craig Breadsell caught 2 fish in the second session totalling 128cm, giving him 3rd place with a total of 305cm. Craig targeted the same points that had produced the day before and caught his fish on a X-Rap and Yo Zuri lures.

Phil Lyons again took the 4th place and final prize with a total length of 226cm for 3 quality fish caught in the second session after having a nightmare first session losing 2 quality specimens. He beat his fishing partner Geoff Newby to the biggest barra prize by 2cm; landing a 94cm fish in the last hour.

The Barra Angler of the Year table is hotting up, after 5 rounds Geoff Newby has moved into 1st place followed by the previous 4th round leader Neil Wilson, with Keegan Hayden not far behind in 3rd place. Due to the Barra AOY being the best 4 results from the 6 competitions the final result will go down to the wire and will not be decided until the 6th and final round at Peter Faust dam on 23-24 February 2013.


Geoff Newby took out the top spot at the MTA Barra Summer League 5th Round Teemburra.


Dustin Sippel took second place with a great performance for his first competition on the dam.


Despite not making the 3 bag limit in the last session, Craig Breadsell claimed 3rd position.


Phil Lyons took out 4th place and landed the biggest barra of the event at 94cm.

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