Time to dry out
  |  First Published: April 2013

What a wet old year it has been so far! Hopefully April offers up some reprieve and we can get in some fishing time.

Bundaberg has experienced its wettest start to a year on record and although it has been nothing short of devastating for those in the firing line, it should offer up some great fishing when we can get to it. It is very important for those who have been hit by the floods to have an out and let’s face it, most Bundaberg residents love their fishing and camping.

The floods in Bundaberg had an absolutely devastating effect on the residents and infrastructure of our great town and although the floods were a couple of months ago the rebuilding will take years. I watched, as did most residents, our normally calm river turn into a very angry beast and then swallow up half our town. As a mad keen angler and camper I have experienced plenty of Mother Nature’s beauty but seeing her at her nastiest was a reel eye opener. In the 2010 floods it two years for the fishing to get absolutely red hot this time I don’t think it will take that long.

April’s weather is usually very good with clear skies and warm temperatures and then at night just a hint of what’s coming in a couple of months.

The Burnett may be trafficable by mid-April depending again on the rain and it will be a very interesting river to be fishing in. I would concentrate my fishing effort around the mouth, but still be very careful as there are many new hazards to look out for.

For those who are just itching to get a line wet, look at some of the creeks and rivers with smaller catchments. The Elliot River has been fishing well as has Theodolite and Coonar creeks. Look to fish on the incoming when the salt is pushing in as it should carry a few fish with it. The beaches will be well worth a visit with cleaner water and hopefully a concentration of fish that don’t like the dirty rivers.

Over the school holidays the beaches will be a great place to camp and stay. For those who like to rough it Coonar Beach is great and for those who like a bit of comfort Woodgate Beach with its van parks, units and tent sites is a great option.

I would encourage anyone thinking about heading to Bundaberg for school holidays to ring and book first. Bundaberg is a great area for holidays and offers a lot for families and fishing families as well. Ring our great tourism Information Centre on 07 4153 8888 they will put you onto some great places to stay, fish eat and play. Short and sweet this month but I am looking forward to having more time myself for fishing after my rebuild.

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