Cracker post flood winter
  |  First Published: April 2013

The continuous rain and flooding has kept our creeks and rivers pumping dirty freshwater into the bay making it look more like a Mumbai water hole than a pristine fishing destination. The good news is it can’t rain forever and hopefully we have a cracker post flood winter!


It’s a whole new world in our creeks and rivers with flood waters dramatically changing the landscape with some good spots lost and some new ones created. Navigating should be approached with caution until you familiarise yourself with the new conditions.

The Mary and Susan rivers have been producing barra, king threadfin salmon and flathead in the lower reaches and there are plenty of big bream taking hardbodies, plastics and bait in all the breamy places.

The Fraser Island creeks have had barra, cod, jacks, golden snapper and mulloway; on the flats flathead, threadfin and hordes of bream are being caught from Mckenzies Jetty south.


There has been restricted access due to the lousy weather and when you can get out you have to sift through the catfish and sharks to find some quality.

When you do get past the undesirables some decent cod, blackall, sweetlip and grunter are responding to live bait, squid and plastics.

Out wide has been the same with limited fishing pressure but once the weather settles the Gutters and Rooneys should fire for most species you would expect at this time of year.

Keep tackle choice to 15kg and up if you want a chance at beating the sharks.


Platypus Bay has been a good option for some clear water and anglers have been rewarded with mackerel, mac tuna, trevally and queenies taking lead slugs burnt back to the boat and plastics.

Longtail tuna should be a good option this month with some of my best fish being caught in the March/April period.

If the water has cleared, the Sandy Straits will hold small pockets of longtails that can be difficult to chase. However, if you drift the main channels with live bait, flies and lightly weighted plastics some good fish can be caught.

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