XXXX Island – Gold!
  |  First Published: December 2012

Most of us have dreamed of being marooned on a tropical island with everything we love right there for us. Well at least I know I have!

On a recent exploratory trip to XXXX Island I found out that a place like this really exists.

And although you can’t simply lob on XXXX Island, you don’t have to pay to access it. You do need to be a lucky winner of one of their many competitions, or lucky enough to discover a golden can in a carton of XXXX Gold.

So what is XXXX Island? Where is it and what do you have access to if you are lucky enough to get a berth?

The Island

XXXX Island is a tropical Island off the coast of Yeppoon in central Queensland. The climate is magnificent and the island is surrounded by some of the best reef and pelagic fishing you are likely to find. It’s a private island where visitors are secure in the knowledge that the only other people on the island will be other lucky winners.

Island visitors leave from Rosslyn Bay Harbour, just south of Yeppoon, where The Schooner is waiting for you. The Schooner is a brilliant boat designed to ferry visitors around the local waters. On our trip we had the pleasure of 30-40 knot winds and a 2m swell running through the open waters. I am shocking in a bath tub, let alone a big sea when it comes to sea sickness, but the 45 minute ride over to XXXX Island was uneventful in this wonderful boat. On a calmer day the trip over takes just over 30 minutes.

On arrival at the island, visitors are greeted by the staff and from the boat head straight into the purpose built bar and social area. The Island Bar is amazing and sets the tone of what is a pretty amazing place. Inside the bar you’ll find a pool table, darts, plenty of sitting room, a games area, a BBQ and smoker cooking area where the Chef creates amazing food, the record board and, of course, the main bar – a meeting point and melting pot for all visitors.

Naturally, XXXX Gold is on tap or available in cans, but the island is definitely not set up to get visitors totally wasted on alcohol. It is purposefully set up to allow the winner and three good mates to have a break from the real world and experience a level of relaxation that would be hard to find anywhere else. And while we are talking about who XXXX Island is for, it’s not just for blokes (although I would suggest the majority of visitors will be blokes). The team on the island were very excited that some all female crews were already booked in and there were also husband and wife teams who have already won their trip of a lifetime to the island.

The accommodation on island is fantastic. There are four themed cabins that sleep four and have their own patio area, kitchen, toilets and more. These cabins have been on the island for a long time, however the team at XXXX Island upgraded the cabins to make them more than just a place to rest your weary head. They will be the centre of your activities if you are lucky enough to visit.

Additional to the four cabins are two habitats. These habitats are amazing and, for me, would be the place to be. They are essentially oversized permanent tents but with all the extras to make life a breeze. They have two double bed bunks in each habitat and outside are all your toilet and shower facilities, as well as an amazing camp kitchen where you can prepare any meal you like. There is also a fish cleaning station if you’re lucky enough to get amongst a few tropical tuggers. These habitats are a short walk around the rocky peninsula or a little longer walk over the hill from the main bar.


If you want to have a relax or if you want to get stuck into some serious activities then the island caters to it all.

Relaxing is not a problem with plenty of seats, shady areas and deck space. This is – without mentioning the main bar or Punter’s Pavilion – a purpose built lookout stacked with tables and chairs, televisions and a literal million dollar, 360° view. There is also the beach, the camp fire and a few other stunning lookout areas to while away the hours.

If activities are on the cards then you can do just about anything short of fly to the moon. You can charter a boat from Rosslyn Bay to go fishing for the day, you can jump in one of the island’s tinnies and do the same, you can grab a kayak and go for a paddle or grab a snorkel and mask and get into the water with the fish. Everything is provided. And you even get the chance to beat our staff member Ryan on the 19th hole – a golf hole that tees off from the main bar. Ryan lipped his chip shot out of the hole and at the time of our visit was the closest to sinking that annoying little white ball in its hole. Now there’s a challenge for all of you golfers who visit!

The Man Cave is a room specifically set up to let off some steam in a variety of ways. There are tools of all descriptions and plenty of timber to mess around with. There is all the fishing gear you’ll need or want (all quality Shimano kit too!). There is even a lure vending machine so you can choose the right lure to get you that dream BBQ’d meal prepared by Chef. The Man Cave also has a punching bag and exercise area and it’s right next door to the activities centre where just about anything can be organised for you.

I probably can’t do it the justice it deserves, but rest assured you will not be bored, unless that is exactly what you want to be.

Getting There

The only way to get onto XXXX Island is to win your way onto it. That is fantastic as it gives anybody the opportunity to visit. The number of different competitions and giveaways is staggering. Some rely on brawn, some rely on brains and others are simply just pure luck! You’ll need to visit www.xxxxisland.com.au and like their facebook page to discover exactly what the next competition is all about.

The big question is, would I go again?

Without hesitation in a heartbeat. Everything about the island is amazing. Small things like the fishing cabin having a game chair out front, Punter’s Pavilion having a beer delivery flying fox attached to it, the simple fact every cabin is themed, the people and the service and of course the location make this one hell of a great destination.

My tip is do whatever you can to get there. The Island will be open for the next few years so there is plenty of time and plenty of opportunities to get a trip. The only issue I see is deciding who you take with you. I’m certainly not a big drinker and some of my mates reckon the island would be wasted on me. I don’t think so!

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