Many anglers, lots of trout
  |  First Published: October 2008

Many anglers fishing, lots of trout caught. That about sums up the opening weekend of the trout season, when anglers fished the rivers after a two and a bit months’ layoff.

Many rainbow and brown trout ranging in size from 350g to just over 1kg were caught on the first day, mostly before 9am. Lightly weighted worms were the most successful rig used to reach the trout, which were mostly on or near the bottom.

Bogong High Plains

Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley reservoirs are both at 100% capacity and in excellent condition, with good-sized rainbow trout on offer this month. Trout are feeding well although not many rises are occurring just yet.

Live worm baits rigged under a bubble float are getting good results around the shoreline at the moment, with rainbow trout of 450-500g common.

Lake Guy

Lake Guy at Bogong Village is being kept empty for the most part while construction works on a new hydro generator are underway. The lake looks a bit bleak and not very inviting to fish at the moment, but should improve next season. The inflow streams, Pretty Valley Creek and the east Kiewa River are better prospects, with many brown trout to around 600g on offer.

Lake CatanI

Lake Catani at Mt Buffalo is 100% full and icy cold, with many brown trout of 450-550g on offer around the shoreline. There are larger specimens out in deeper water, but a canoe may be needed to reach them.

Flyfishers do well here in spring, casting to trout feeding on emerging caddis flies. Trout catch the emergers just before they break through the water surface and unfold their wings to fly away. Anglers need to keep a sharp lookout for trout feeding on these emergers, for it makes exciting fishing. They can be identified by the swirling movements they make without breaking through the surface of the water. A line cast in that direction often translates into a hook up. If so, just hold on! These trout are often larger than average and they know how to fight.

Mt Beauty Pondage

The pondage in Mt Beauty is currently full and the outlet is flowing hard, with good catches reported by anglers fishing along the shoreline with drifted scrubworms or ordinary worms rigged under a bubble float. All catches recently have been rainbow trout, weighing around 650g. Anglers who persist in fishing deep down in the very fast and turbulent water at the outlet during spring are regularly rewarded with brown trout up to 1.5kg.

Kiewa River

The Kiewa River from Mt Beauty through Tawonga to Mongans Bridge is flowing crystal clear and cold this month, and looks remaining unchanged until January at least. Many brown trout and a number of rainbows have been taken from all stretches of the Kiewa River from Mt Beauty to Mongans Bridge over the last few weeks, with fish ranging from 400g to 1kg. Anglers are advised to remember to renew their fishing licence for the new season as DPI Fisheries inspectors are currently checking licences on all rivers in the region.

Lower Mitta Mitta

The lower Mitta Mitta River from the township of Mitta Mitta to Eskdale is currently flowing at 200 megalitres a day, and is clear and cold. Anglers using lightly weighted earthworms almost anywhere on the river have recorded excellent results. Most fish are brown trout.

Snowy Creek

The Snowy Creek from Granite Flat to Mitta Mitta is also flowing clear and cold and producing many pan-sized brown trout with a few larger rainbows as well, mostly on worms fished near the bottom. This little stream always provides anglers with plenty of action in spring, and this year is no exception.

Alpine fishing conditions can change very quickly whatever the season, so for the latest update phone Geoff Lacey at Angling Expeditions Victoria on 03 5754 1466 or check out website www.anglingvic.com.au

Albury angler John McMahon with two pan-sized trout he caught recently. One is a brown trout and the other is a rainbow trout. They were caught on earthworms under a light split shot rig in the Kiewa River at Tawonga.

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