Big wet great for fishing
  |  First Published: March 2013

The fishing will improve with all that freshwater entering the system. After the big floods in 2011 had subsided and the fresh disappeared we had one of the best fishing seasons in recent memory and my bet is that is exactly what will happen this time too.

It started with the banana prawns running early in the year, which were around in huge numbers. They were just everywhere between Jacobs Well right up through Steglietz and north to the Powerlines and right up to the top of Macleay Island.

And this of course brings larger predators like snapper into the area to feed on them; it was a bumper snapper season as well. The deeper holes at the northwest tip of Macleay produced some real thumpers to 5kg. So I would be trying around that area, Rocky Point, the deep holes off Cabbage Tree Point, the Stockyards and the eastern point of Short Island.

Bream will also be firing as they feed on the influx of nutrients that have come from the River. All the bait fish, prawns, etc that they feed on will be in abundant supply and that should send them into a feeding frenzy as they start to fatten up for their winter breeding season.

When bream feed like this it is a great opportunity to try luring for them with small plastics, hardbodied divers or small vibes, as they will be more aggressive and likely to hit a lure. Some good luring spots are the bottom of Kangaroo island up against the mangroves, on the Pandannus weed banks, Tipplers Passage, Steglietz and the Stockyards although it is very snaggy there and known for claiming many lures.

If the water is clean enough you will have more success with lures but if it is still too murky then bait is the best way to go. The same goes when for flathead as well with greater catches coming from the cleaner water. Not crystal clear but make sure the water quality isn’t like a chocolate milkshake.

Behind Tabby Tabby Island, Eden Island and right up through Tiger Mullet Channel is great lizard country. It is usually protected from the wind so it can be fished on most outings. Those channels are lined with mangroves and the edges are all 2-6ft; the flathead lie in wait as the tide drops and all those bait fish that are hiding are forced out, which is an easy feed for the cunning lizard. Bringing a lure or well presented bait off those edges should score you a few good fish. Remember if you think like a fish you’ll have more success.

There should still be a few pelagic fish hanging just beyond the bar around the dirty water line. If the weather comes good then trolling small skirted lures should produce some mackerel, tuna, bonito or even a small marlin.

Muddies should be everywhere after all the creeks and rivers have been thoroughly flushed out, we’ve even been catching them on the line quite regularly.

Sandies should be on the march too so try Jacobs Well main channel right to Rocky Point and beyond to the Powerlines on the small drop-offs and holes for a feed.

Thanks for all your reports and fish weighed in and if you’d like any up to date info on what’s happening at the Pin drop us a line on 3287 3868 or --e-mail address hidden--

I’ll catch you next month.

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