Stanage finally open
  |  First Published: March 2013

Stanage Bay Road is now open for business.

The barra should be milling at the creek mouths and will be easy to target for keen anglers.

During a big fresh the muddies will be heading back up the creeks into their holes. The crab holes fill with fresh rainwater, which kills (drowns) the crab. If you have your pots with big fresh baits in the mouths of the creeks or gutters, chances are you will catch a lot of good crab as they head out to a new salty home. When the fresh is gone, the crabs head back to their original homes, so either way if your pot is ‘johnny on the spot’ you can still catch muddies.

The reef has had a good disturbance with the rough seas, wind and rain, and should be on fire with fantastic tides.

To get our tides, either go to Mackay outer harbour or the easy way is www.willysweather.com.au. If you need more info just email me at --e-mail address hidden-- or phone me 07 4937 3145 or even checkout the pics www.justfishingstanagebay.com or Facebook.

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