Goulburn begins slowly
  |  First Published: October 2008

It’s fair to say the trout season did not begin as most anglers around Seymour would have hoped.

On trout opening weekend, armed with my camera and notebook, I toured the Goulburn River and its tributaries from Seymour to Eildon. I spoke to many anglers out on the water trying their luck. I really enjoy the response that I get from these people as we talk about favourite locations, tackle, bait and lures.

I caught up with Shane and Sue Brown from Keysborough Angling Club who provided me with photos of their catches last year. They were in the same spot at the crusher near Alexandra. Unfortunately, this year they had no photos for me, as the fishing was poor.

I got the same response from other anglers: the fishing in the Goulburn was not good, with only a handful of small fish being taken.

Dale Kemp and his fiancé Tina also told a story of limited success while fishing the Rubicon River. They did manage a couple of fish, but the biggest was only 600g.

In contrast, the Eildon Pondage was fishing quite well, with maggots being the most successful bait. With a large number of anglers spread out around its perimeter, some large fish were taken.

Eildon Lake has produced some good quality trout too, while the odd golden perch is also starting to appear. As the weather warms up the goldens will become even more active and the redfin should also come on the bite.

Waranga Basin is rising slowly and some reasonable catches of redfin being reported. The water is a little dirty, so lures are not yet taking a lot of fish, but bait fishing is quite good. In the past I have found that better quality fish are taken on lures, so hopefully as the water clears the lure fishing will improve too.

Although the opening weekend was disappointing, don’t let this deter you from making a trip up this way as some of the country’s best trout streams are in this region. As the rivers settle, results will improve for the angler.

On the opening weekend of the trout season, the Goulburn River fished slowly and Lake Eildon was a better bet.

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