Rely on the reefs
  |  First Published: March 2013

The weather has been a little up and down, which is to be expected this time of year. We have managed a couple of trips out, with the reefs still fishing well.


It's been fairly consistent bottom fishing out wider with good catches of snapper, parrot, Moses perch and pearl perch.

We've been doing most of our fishing out wider as the sharks seem to give you a bit of a hurry up when you're bottom fishing in close.

The only close fishing we have been partaking in is for spotted mackerel. We have had a couple of good days on them, but probably not as good as previous years. I think the reason is that mackerel like it dry, but probably not as dry as it has been for so long. You do need to flush some food out of the creeks and tributaries to get them activated.

I’ve found the 65g metal lures are working the best on the spotties when retrieving them at high speed.


All the hot and humid weather has made mangrove jack top of the target list. The local boys with their tinnies have been hitting the hot spots with some good specimens around the 50cm mark.

There have been quite a few spotted mackerel up the Straits, but mainly only small fish.

There have been some good whiting caught on the bottom end of Fraser Island and in the mouth of Kauri Creek.


Whiting have also been going pretty good down the beach, particularly at Double Island Point, on Teewah and Rainbow Beach sides.

Some big golden trevally are still being landed at Inskip Point and as a last report, live bait remains to be working the best.


March is a pretty good fishing month, usually with plenty of pelagics still around and the reef fishing improving.

It's not my favourite month in regard to weather, but with the unusual twists in climate and fishing conditions through the past year you may be well rewarded with sunny skies, calm seas and great fishing. You never know…

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