Reefs rife with fish
  |  First Published: February 2013

Our reefs and estuaries are still fishing well. Cod, trout, blackall and sweetlip have been the drawcard for reef fishing and whiting, flathead, grunter and salmon around creeks are keeping anglers busy.


Platypus Bay has continued to hold vast schools of baitfish scattered from Coongal Creek, Arch Cliffs, Wathumba and Station Hill to Rooneys Pt.

There have been huge schools of spotted mackerel working bait in the area with a lot of undersized fish amongst them. If you are having trouble finding the bigger fish keep moving to the next school or try running a spread of bigger lures to temp the bigger fish.

Longtails, mac tuna and trevally are also working the same bait schools. And anglers are being kept on their toes as the prolonged battle tends to cause a lot of interest from the ever present shark population. Fishing with the drag on sunset is always a gamble and having confidence in your outfit and tackle is a must; sometimes it’s the only way to land fish in one piece!


The billfest continues! Those magic little Hervey Bay black marlin have shown no sign of backing off with many boats still recording multiple strikes and hook-ups for the day.

I recently got a chance to take the boat up to Rooneys and spend the day with a couple of mates doing what I love most, trolling for billfish. We had five lines and three teasers in the spread and we didn’t have to wait long for our first strike. The first fish had a couple of swipes at the left rigger before the rod buckled and the ratchet sang. The baby black was about 12kg and carved the ocean up in an effort to throw the hooks. A short time later we had the fish boatside for a few pics before sending it on its way. We went on to catch four more before lunchtime and missed a couple as well.

Overall, we all agreed how impressive the fishing is at the moment and all in the shelter of Fraser Island. It sure seems like paradise to me!

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