JM Gilles gears up BARRA Tour
  |  First Published: February 2013

The 2012 JM Gilles BARRA Tour saw a return to action for anglers with nearly all events seeing a return to red hot barra action.

Peter Faust

It all kicked off at Peter Faust in late September, with a string of big fish and a total catch of 82 barra for the 24 anglers setting the tone for the series. Peter Price picked up where he left off from the 2011 BARRA Tour to claim the win in the opening round of the tour.


Teemburra was the next stop on the tour. Despite only firing for the first day of the event, it showed it was back in form after a couple of quiet years.

It was definitely a day bite with anglers catching the majority of their fish during the first few hours of each session. Darryl Pead and Jon Millard finished first and second in the event. It was Millard’s second top two place for the Tour, which delivered him the Northern BARRA Tour Angler of the Year Title.

While the barra were thick on the ground for anglers on the Northern Tour, so were the barra lures courtesy of JM Gilles. Classic Lures were on the menu at Faust with anglers loading up their tackle boxes and catching plenty of fish on these legendary barra catchers.

Killalures were the order of the day with anglers hitting the water with an assortment of these barra catching tournament baits.


With their tackle boxes and catch cards full, anglers headed south to Awoonga Dam in late November.

Even though there were less than positive predictions of what awaited anglers fish wise, Awoonga showed it was definitely back on track after the loss of fish over the last few years.

Anglers found that the big fish of past years had gone, but the waterway made up for it with numbers. Competitors had double digit fish sessions and caught plenty in their old haunts and a host of new locations.

Young eager fish in the 60-70cm size range dominated the event with Scott McAuley claiming the title with a 9/10, 626cm limit. Former Awoonga event winner Daniel Grech finished a respectable second. Three-quarters of the field caught fish and multiple catches where reported. Awoonga is definitely on the way back up!


Awoonga was definitely a sign of things to come for anglers on the Southern Tour with Lake Monduran, the final stop of the 2012 JM Gilles BARRA Tour, firing like it had never fired before. All but one angler caught fish in the Warlock Lures presented event, with last year’s Monduran winner Peter Price making it back-to-back wins.

Catching over a dozen fish each session, Price showed what Monduran was capable of producing exciting barra fishing. A meteoric rise from the flood influenced lake ‘misery’ only a couple of years ago.


While the 2012 JM Gilles BARRA Tour produced a return to form for the tour’s venues it also produced three new Anglers of the Year. Jon Millard (Northern), Daniel Grech (Southern), and Peter Price (Overall) inscribed their names onto their respective AOY trophies while Jon Millard finished the year as the number one ranked BARRA angler.

JM Gilles also finished the 2012 BARRA Tour on a high with Classic Lures, Killalure and Warlock Lures making their way into the hands of the country’s best impoundment barra anglers in record numbers. With the best anglers always striving to use the best gear, JM Gilles products are on track to become must-haves for future BARRA Tours.

With unrivalled media exposure via www.australianbarra.com.au and Fishing Monthly publications, Australia’s premier BARRA fishing tournament series and Australia’s premier barra lure brands are destined to become shinning lights on the barra fishing landscape.


Place Angler R1R2Total
1 Jon Millard 98 99 197
2 Peter Price 100 97 197
3 Daniel Grech 97 98 195
4 Craig Griffiths 99 90 189
5 Scott McAuley 96 91 187
6 Donovan Power 94 92 186
7 Steven Wright 86 95 181
8 Keith Stanford 84 94 178
9 Nathan Chapman 85 93 178
10 Glen Smith 81 96 177


Place Angler R3R4Total
1 Daniel Grech 99 99 198
2 Scott McAuley 100 97 197
3 Jon Millard 98 96 194
4 Peter Price 94 100 194
5 Tom Wood 96 94 190
6 Robert Wood 91 98 189
7 Colin Brett 97 91 188
8 Michael Weick 89 95 184
9 Ben Durkin 90 92 182
10 Craig Griffiths 95 85 180


Place Angler R1R2R3R4Best 3

1 Peter Price 100 97 94 100 297

2 Daniel Grech 97 98 99 99 296

3 Jon Millard 98 99 98 96 295

4 Scott McAuley 96 91 100 97 293

5 Craig Griffiths 99 90 95 85 284

6 Keith Stanford 84 94 88 90 272

7 Glen Smith 81 96 83 84 263

8 Michael Weick 71 76 89 95 260

9 Brendan Barnett 71 76 73 86 235

10 Jamie Bein 71 87 73 71 231

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