Meech show consistency to win at Narrabeen Lake
  |  First Published: December 2012

Daiwa Hobie BREAM Kayak Series stalwart Jason Meech claimed another event win on the kayak bream tour with a comprehensive victory in round 18 of the series on Sydney’s Narrabeen Lakes.

Compiling a 6/6, 1.995kg two-day limit to secure the win, Meech made a long journey each day to fish shallow flats near Middle Creek, targeting fish holding in the broken weed beds in 1m of water.

Here Meech would make long, wind-assisted casts to cover as much ground as possible and then allowed his lure to sink in the sandy gaps before imparting a short hop off the bottom. He’d then allow the lure to rest on the bottom for 1-3 seconds.

“It was important to keep the hops short and sharp and allow the lure to rest on the bottom before hoping it again in order to keep the lure in the bream’s face. Most of my bites came as the lure was sitting on the bottom,” explained Meech.

To keep the fish interested throughout the tournament Meech used a two pronged approach, rotating his lure between the Squidgy Wriggler in evil minnow colour and a Cranka Vib in wicked prawn colour. By rotating, Meech made the most of his location for the tournament.

“I knew there was a good number of fish holding in the area and I knew if I kept changing my presentation that the fish would come,” said Meech.

Meech’s tackle was a Samaki ZRT matched with an Ecooda Chronic 2000 reel, spooled with 3lb fluorocarbon. Line choice was a key aspect in Meech’s run to victory with the straight through fluorocarbon giving enough shock absorption to stop the hooks from pulling out of the fish and also limiting the amount of fish being spooked by the line coming past.

Showing his skill as a tournament angler Meech made a critical change on day two to secure his limit for the tournament and ultimately win. With bites becoming more tentative as the fish became more pressured, Meech change his standard trebles on his Cranka Vib and fitted Ecogear ZX assist hooks to the rear of his lure.

“On day two the fish where just nipping at the back of the lures and not wanting to commit. With the ZX hooks you could still pin the fish that weren’t taking the lure properely,” explained Meech.

With the Daiwa-Hobie BREAM Kayak Series Grand Final at Bemm River only weeks away this thinking man’s angler will be one to watch at the season ending event.

Dubois gets retro to secure second place

Carl Dubois looked back to yesteryear to secure second place, throwing an old school bait to claim a podium finish and a spot in the Daiwa Hobie BREAM Kayak Grand Final.

Compiling a 5/6, 1.516kg limit for the event, Dubois made a made a long journey to the back of the lake to target fish holding on the flats at the mouth of Middle Creek.

He had pinpointed where the fish were holding during the event prefish, on the first morning things didn’t quite go to plan with the fish not responding like they had the day before. Rather than give up on the location Dubois looked back to what worked in years gone by and tied on a 2” Berkley Hawg in green pumpkinseed colour.

“I had a game plan worked out but they just didn’t want to bite on wrigglers and minnows, so I looked for something I thought the fish would not have seen for a while,” explained Dubois.

With the all important lure sorted Dubois made long, wind-assisted casts, before sinking his Hawg to the bottom and allowing it to rest before imparting a short hop and then allowing it to settle back to the bottom. Most bites came as the lure rested on the bottom.

Dubois rigged his Hawgs on a TT 1/20oz jighead, using the relatively light jighead to allow the lure to fall as naturally as possible. These were presented on a Daiwa Advantage rod matched with a Daiwa Luvius DA1000 reel, spooled with 4lb PE and a 3lb fluorocarbon leader.

For more info head to www.bream.com.au. - ABT

Boss Hog

The Hogs Breath Boss Hog, went to Eric Wood with a quality 770g Lake Narrabeen bream.

Wood caught his big fish off Pipe Clay Point early on day two, with the fish falling to an Ecogear ZX35. As well as taking out the Boss Hog, the fish also secured Wood third place.

Winning Tackle

Rod:Samarki ZRT 6’10”
Reel:Ecooda Chronic 2000
Line:3lb Fluorocarbon
Lures:Cranka Vib in wicked prawn, 65mm Squidgy Wriggler in evil minnow

Winning Notes

“When the bite is tentative the Ecogear ZX hooks turn those little taps into fish in the live well.”


Top 10 Anglers

PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)Payout
1Jason MEECH6/61.995$670 + Prize Pack
2Carl DUBOIS5/61.515$400 + Prize Pack
3Eric WOOD3/61.455$350 + Prize Pack
4Gary BEAZLEY4/61.380$220 + Prize Pack
5Patrick MCQUARRIE4/61.275$200 + Prize Pack
6Ronnie SONTER4/61.220
7Jason LAMBERT3/61.175
8Lynden BRIGGS3/61.105
9Rob CHAMBERS3/61.035
10Steve THOMAS2/60.810

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