Ramp it up at the reef
  |  First Published: December 2012

It’s that time of year again when the afternoon breeze picks up and keeps us off the water with large swells. With the new moon on the 12th and the full moon predicted to be on the 28th, anyone who can get out to the reef or even around the outside islands will not be disappointed.

The Boyne

Fish have been thick in the Boyne, which is not surprising this time of year. Whether it’s fishing the mouth, going through to south trees or motoring up the river there’s always something to hook on your baitcasters or light spin.

The bream have been thick around the bridges and rubble patches, while casting hardbody vibes into the mangroves has produced various jacks, threadies and even the odd smaller mulloway situating themselves in the estuaries. Other common catches have been grunter and Moses perch.

If you’re not into the lure side of things, poddy mullet hooked in the shoulders with a 4/0 suicide hook will pull these guys from the snags. When targeting jacks don’t be afraid to lock your drag up or you will never get a fish from the snags. Nine times out of ten the jacks will hit and fight hard for their size but don’t have a prolonged fight.

The great Lake

Every day at work people have been asking me what large surface lures will work well on the lake in the early morning or late afternoon. Most surface lures between 70-110mm will work. Fizzers, poppers, twitch baits, stickbaits, you name it, when the barra are turned on they will nail it.

The same applies if you were fishing in land-locked lagoons; a medium paced retrieve will trigger a reaction strike. Soft plastics lightly weedless rigged work great and can be made to displace the surface when retrieved at a speed. This method will work best over weed beds covered by about 1m of water.

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