Time to search wide
  |  First Published: December 2012

After Christmas and New Year’s celebrations anyone who was lucky enough to receive some fishing gear will be keen to try it out. Every man and his dog will be flocking to the easy going fishing spots so now’s the time to go exploring for the next spot X.

Fitzroy and the Narrows

Closed season is having great effects on the barra with all fish bulking up and repopulating areas that cop a hiding at the best of times. It seems no one can have a session at the moment without pulling one of these fish from the sticks or rock patches and even getting pulled in the places bream and whiting hang out.

Threadies and jacks are in abundance and even some larger bream are hitting the standard jack/salmon lure. Areas like shallow flats, rubble patches and rocky structures produce results again and again.

Now is time to crack out any of those gift cards stashed away or recently gained and prep the barra gear for another explosive season as the closure is almost at its end.

Rivers, Creeks and Beaches

Big bream are patrolling the edges of the creeks and rivers around the Gladstone region and can be taken on anything from flickbaits and hardbodies to live herring and dead prawns.

The lures work best in the bottom water column with slight twitches, try to pause near weed or rocks where the bream emerge from nowhere and scoff the lures. The baits can be drifted along in the current, this is where bright coloured braid comes in handy, you can see and feel any tap on the hook letting you know something is there and to quickly strike.

Bream have a minimum length of 25cm and have a combined limit of 30. As the name suggests, yellowfin bream can be defined by their yellow fins along with their silvery body; pikey bream are generally darker with a much stockier body.

Freshwater lagoons

The combination of summer heat, rain and abundance of small baitfish has turned the fresh right up. The best areas are around the lilies or tree lines.

Be smart when fishing the fresh, fish can become less active during the day so try and place the casts into the shadows and leave it in there. On dusk, the fish really fire up and a fast retrieve over the surface while they are feeding will trigger reaction strikes. Nothing beats the feeling or watching a fish climb over your surface lure, or the displacement in the water behind you lure while the predator follows it before scoffing it whole.

Surface lures with a walk-the-dog or sliding action work best to trigger the reaction strike. Whether the lures you choose are hardbodies or soft plastics is personal preference.


The crabs at this time of year are generally full to the brim and many find their way into your pots. Left over Christmas frames from chicken or fish can be clipped into the pots to turn an old feast into a fresh one.

Time to make that new year’s resolution and get on the water more.

Fish light get the bite.

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