Busy times at Burrum
  |  First Published: December 2012

As my wife says, “Feed a man a fish and he eats well today; teach him to fish and you can get rid of him for the weekend!” Despite Mother Nature waging an epic battle with the fishing gods, the warm water has been keeping us fishos busy.

For the last four months, strong northerly winds have been bringing in warmer than usual waters through the estuarine system, and with it a growing number of blue bottle jelly fish. This is a 1 in 30 year phenomena that has been observed over several river trips this month. My fishing buddy, Ron, tried to calculate the square-metre density of blue bottles and came to result of “…it’s between one, and far too many!”

Nevertheless, the warmer waters have also turned on a mass stay of bill and sailfish with a very late return of mackerel, especially Spaniards.

River Action

Over the last month, Burrum River has experienced good volumes of bait fish, such as herring, and great light gear action, with quality grunter, mangrove jack, bream, tarwhine, flathead, queen fish, batfish, good size Moses perch and even summer whiting.

Local fisherman, JB caught one of the biggest known summer whiting in our region at 44cm 760g.

Fishing 6lb line, small running-ball sinker rig with a long leader on the incoming tide over sand banks produced an average of 38cm whiting in good numbers. Fresh live blood worms have been the order of the day for summer whiting.

Mangrove jack have been very active on fresh mullet strips with quality bream being caught on fresh chicken leg flesh, mullet and yabbies.

Yabbies have been the best bait for grunter and big bream.


As Mother Nature turned on her spectacular display, the occasions suitable for offshore fishing over this last month have seen some great action.

Bill and sailfish have been caught off the East Coast of Fraser Island around to the Roonies and into the Bay. Reports have anglers landing and tagging great numbers of marlin.

Take a break

The new year is a time for new opportunities and, with a diverse range of accommodation packages to suit all budgets only matched by the diversity of fish species, Burrum Heads is a great place to bring every member of the family.

Some of the best all-round fishing on the east coast is right here at Burrum Heads, where you’ll be able to road test the latest Christmas gifts, put your feet up and recharge for 2013. The post-Christmas period will produce great offshore and river action with local traders being well supplied with bait, tackle and all the fishing essentials to help all members of the family to have a great time.

If you didn’t quite hit the mark with the ultimate Christmas gift or the tin lids think you are out of touch, then book into Burrum Heads and give the family a great time before school returns and work fires up.

Have a safe and prosperous New Year.

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