Stealthy Cayman surfaces
  |  First Published: December 2012

Dawn is breaking, the Summer air gently puffs through your clothes on a light morning breeze. You and your fishing mate are on high alert as 60m ahead, a school of wary fish is on the hunt, fins and backs out of the water as they casually slurp down bait.

There’s no one else around and with adrenalin at a high, you creep in with the stealth of a hunting cat, using your Haswing Cayman 55lb electric motor to silently position yourselves for the perfect cast.

Electric fishing motors can make the difference between seeing lots of fish and catching lots of fish, especially in highly fished areas or calm skinny-water environments. In both these situations, stealth, silence and a well-controlled boat really can lift your fishing success.

Recent arrivals in Australia, the Haswing family of products are not yet well known but I have no doubt that over coming months keen fresh- and saltwater anglers will get the various models on the water and put them through their paces.

The mainstay of the company’s offerings are transom- and bow-mount electric motors across four ranges, the Cayman, Comax, Osapian and the Protruar. For more information visit, www.haswingmarine.com.au.

With a range of accessories to rival the leading brands in this category, you are sure to be able to kit your boat up just the way you want.

Designed specifically for the sport fisher, the Cayman can be operated by a small, well-designed handheld remote control or by a highly responsive wired foot controller.


Having spent a fair amount of time fishing with electric motors, it does take a little time to get used to driving each different brand or set-up. Having said this, the super quick responsiveness of the model we tested was impressive and I made the adjustment process easily. In no time I was able to guide the small tinny effortlessly between moored boats and along the oyster-encrusted shoreline.

Often you find that foot controllers or remotes can have a noticeable lag time. While not as direct as a cable-drive system, the Caymen certainly impressed me.

The Haswing Cayman 55lb bow-mount I tested came with the complete set of accessories, including the quick-release base plate, the optional wired foot controller and the standard remote control unit with a 40m range.

The 55lb is perfect for medium-sized alloy boats and inshore fibreglass hulls up to about 400kg dry hull weight or about 5m long. Bigger boats can definitely get about in ideal conditions but with a little wind, tide or current working against you, an upgrade to the 24V 100lb thrust Cayman is the way to go.

Standard on the Cayman range are the wireless hand control, sacrificial anode and encapsulated electronics, along with a bunch of stainless steel nuts and bolts to fit the unit onto the boat.

I recommend optioning up to the quick-release plate for removing the motor for security against theft and for when you just feel like a day cruising with friends.

The compact base plate is just 120mm x 200mm.

The foot controller is also a worthy addition so you can keep fishing while manoeuvring the boat.

An LED battery meter on the base of the unit indicates how much power you have in reserve. The 1.5m wiring loom should reach to most battery locations.

The company behind Haswing has a long history in manufacturing quality motors for a range of industrial and commercial uses. It has a solid engineering background and well-developed knowledge of what anglers want in an electric motor.


These saltwater-capable units look great and are available in black or white finish. All the components that should be stainless are, and the wiring fittings are robust and should last well.

The three-blade moulded propeller and removable skeg are super-strong to survive all but the gnarliest of rock encounters and rest assured you can get spare parts if you do. The unit also has a carry handle for ease of transport.

The aluminium shaft is 1220mm and an adjustable depth collar means you can set the motor for the shallows. A foot-pedal release enables motor retraction and the prop and gearbox fit snugly into place using the same set-up as other well-known brands.

The 55lb unit weighs 24.6kg and the recommended battery is a 105AH deep-cycle, but seek advice from the dealer or the supplier when purchasing.

The Cayman 55lb, rivals its competitors and at a very competitive price, making it well worth considering if you’re in the market for electric fishing stealth. For further details and pricing visit www.haswingmarine.com.au.

The Cayman deploys simply enough – something that is a must in an electric.

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