Black jew on the chew
  |  First Published: December 2012

Usual story for this time of year is for the wind to blow and the storm to show up. November turned out to be very quiet on the fishing front with the fish not really firing. Moving into December should see them liven up on the calmer weather and the black jew should be around in good numbers, as they were late to show up.

Fishing the deep holes will give rewards for the black jew.

The metre-plus catfish that take your bait will really test out your gear so make sure you have some decent terminal tackle and a good quality rod and reel. I use a Wilson live fibre rod and a Okuma bait feeder reel spooled with Schneider 30 lb braid. A simple running sinker rig with a 3/0 sinker and Schneider 80lb leader tied to a 7/0 hook will get the job done. Let them take the bait before striking and then hang on for some great fun.

We have seen the mud crabs turn up in great numbers lately, which will give you something to do when the wind blows. The tidal movement is very big at this time of year so try to tie the end of the rope with a float attached to a tree or mangrove. Most baits will work and fresh is best. Start by placing them around the mouth and work upstream if no results. Look out for jellyfish as they can be very painful.

It is now time to offer hints to loved-ones about what you need from Santa to help give you the best chance when the barra season opens in February. I would recommend the Shimano Calais reel and a G.Loomis crankbait rod spooled with 30lb Schneider Braid. This will be out of most people's price range, so your second option should be seen in a very good light! Look around for some great bargains at your local tackle shop and supply the info to all those who care. I have found some glamour gear on special every year at Tackleworld Cairns, and Rob Erskine is the man to see.

Please make sure you have shade and plenty of water if venturing out the front as the high 30ºC+ temperature and 98% humidity will take its toll.

Heading out to the rubble patches on the calmer weather will give you a chance to find golden snapper who will be starting to turn up. Move around if not locating them within 10 minutes or drift fish until you hook up. Keep an eye on the wind as it can blow up very quickly and make the trip home very uncomfortable.

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