Weather mars Tomakin
  |  First Published: November 2012

Bad offshore weather marred the start of the Tomakin Mighty Bonanza over the final weekend in September, but certainly gave the beach, rock and estuary anglers a great start for the two-day competition.

The Sunday turned fine but adverse weather reports in the week leading up to the weekend, as well as rain and wind in the Southern Highlands, affected the numbers of anglers visiting from inland and along the coast.

The individual best catch award went to Neil Carriage for his 8.2kg jewfish. Quite a few prizes went begging in the junior and sub-junior sections but even so, the weekend was reasonably successful.

The competition has been going for 30 years and in that time we have had one complete wipeout weather-wise and nine where we have lost part or all of one day of the two-day competition so really the record has been fairly stable for many years.

Winners in the senior divisions were: Snapper John O'Neil 2.070kg; morwong Sandra Boneham 2.270kg; tailor Sam Hicks 2.495kg; flathead Scott Carriage 1.087kg; salmon, John Abbott 1.504kg; leatherjacket Trevor Brown 0.893kg; pigfish Barry Barnes 0.651kg; bream 0.690kg Dale Evans; drummer Craig Grimson 0.923kg; jewfish Neil Carriage 8.2kg; whiting Dale Evans 0.497kg; blackfish Brian Evans 0.702kg.

There were 17 prizes in the senior division and only two went begging for ownership.

Junior division: Morwong Caleb Bartholomew 0.848kg; flathead Madison Minehan 0.881kg; tailor Madison Minehan 0.915kg; salmon Scott Rigby 0.913kg; leatherjacket Scott Rigby 0.965kg; pigfish Caleb Bartholomew 0.446kg; bream Madison Minehan 0.887kg; nannygai Connor Purdon 0.273kg.

Sub-juniors: Bream Kel Stelszer 0.453kg; flathead James Ewins 0.383kg; morwong Rowan Pasco 0.709kg. – Neville Aurousseau

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