Quintrex is back into fishing in a big way
  |  First Published: November 2012

It’s been a while since Quintrex has dedicated an entire range of boats just to fishing and it was with a lot of excitement that I headed off to Seaworld in September to check out two new fishing ranges from Quintrex, the Renegades and the Tridents.

Most boat buyers tend to use their boat for fishing, at least for some of the time, and a large percentage actually buy their boat just for fishing. And with this in mind the team at Telwater, the parent company of Quintrex, went to work to meet this demand and bring back some dedicated fishing craft.

The essential differences between the Trident and Renegade ranges and boats not aimed at anglers is the internal designs. Both ranges have been seriously looked at from the bottom up and both have a range of fishing-friendly features that will please anglers – whatever their passion.

For starters, the Renegades have extras like live wells, storage bins, side pockets, casting decks and more. The Tridents, which are the offshore boats, also have extra storage, well placed kill bins, rocket launchers, massive fuel carrying capacity and self-draining floors. These two ranges are absolutely fishing-friendly and after a day on the water, inshore and offshore, I can testify that these boats deliver what they aimed to deliver.

Let’s take a quick peak at both ranges separately.


The new Renegade range has expanded to include the 420, 440, 460, 490 and 520 models all available in a variety of configurations including a tiller steer, centre console and side console. This gives the end purchaser absolute control over what type of rig they want.

Quintrex has gone back to quintessential fishing with the Renegade range developed to service the needs of no-fuss fishos after a practical boating option.

The Renegades are very beamy and stable fishing machines and have all the essentials, complete with carpeted floors, front and rear casting platforms allowing plenty of room for fishing gear and large side pockets. They really are ready to be loaded up for your next fishing adventure.

All models are built on the renowned Millennium Hull; with its innovative concave shape to create a sharper entry point while the variable deadrise curls water away from the boat for a smooth, dry ride every time. On our test day it was almost impossible to test this as it was dead calm, however I have had previous experience in this hull and it does ride very well in a bit of chop.

The Renegade is built with tough plate look and makes use of 2mm topsides and 3mm bottom sheets. The sides are higher than you’d expect providing a degree of safety on the water and a very good look – especially without the pressings usually associated with aluminium boats.

National Quintrex Account Manager Tony Kokolis said Quintrex has gone back to providing customers with top of the range elementary fishing boats.

“The Renegade really impresses with a sizable beam and lots of internal space, plus with the inclusion of essential fishing equipment you’re really getting value for your dollars,” said Tony.

“With such a wide range of boats and options on offer, there is something to suit every angler.”

Fitted with a rear casting platform complete with live bait tank and tackle tray, four rod holders and a transom step, the Renegade is built to handle reefs, estuaries, rivers and impoundments.

These no frills, no fuss fishing machines have all the fishing essentials but give anglers the flexibility to option up their boat to suit their fishing needs.

Options for the Renegade range include a painted hull, vinyl wrap, Mark-5X Fishfinder, bow mount thruster plate, bimini and envelope and drink holders.

As a mostly inshore angler I was pretty impressed by the Renegades and if you’re in the hunt for a new estuary or river rig, they should be placed on your shopping list.


The Trident range is a fishing focused model made to handle the harsh conditions of the open water and they deliver this in spades.

Due to customer demand Quintrex has released the new Trident range in the 610, 650 and 690 models, built to meet the needs of keen offshore fishers.

All models feature the Millennium Blade Hull, created with new stretch-forming technology to create a sleeker, sharper shape allowing the Trident to cut through rough water like a knife. We tested this out on some reasonable swells offshore and they rode the swells well, coming down off the top without too much fuss and bang.

Also featuring on the Trident range is the self-draining tread plate floor with an automatic, non-return scupper draining system, offering extra safety for peace of mind. This allows users to wash down decks easily both on the water and off it and generally makes the rig just that little bit safer when you’re offshore.

The Trident is built tough with up to 3mm topsides and 5mm bottomsides and an ‘egg crate’ rib structure below the floor sees longitudinal and latitudinal ribs for additional strength. This egg crate rib structure is pretty impressive when you get the chance to see it and provides a real toughness to a rig that is intended to meet the tough stuff head on.

The Trident is designed to include all the fishing essentials as standard giving anglers the ability to choose the more personal options such as colours and electronics.

This fishing machine includes a live bait tank, alloy cutting board, drink holders, 135L plumbed kill tank and rocket launcher with an extra four rod holders and fuel tank all as standard features. This literally means you can simply put these rigs on the water and go fishing if you want.

With a windscreen and walkthrough cabin hatch the Trident offers protection from the elements while still enabling easy access to the anchor well and ample storage space.

The Trident incorporates plenty of storage with large side pockets, a large anchor well and seats with storage boxes.

Quintrex National Account Manager Cameron Wood said the Trident was a big step for Quintrex into the market of offshore fishing boats.

“The entire Trident range will fill a gap in the market and with so many included features, such as the live bait tank and tackle tray, there is no better value.

“The Trident offers one of the smoothest rides even in rough water offshore, it’s an angler’s dream boat with the ability to personalise your boat to suit your fishing style.”

The Trident is available to option up with a variety of extras to choose from including cabin cushions, anchor winch plate, radio, rear lounge, deck wash, two tone painted hull and a bimini and envelope for extra protection.

As a fair weather offshore angler (I love a good bout of sea sickness!) I’m not really in the best position to say these rigs are better or worse than any other boat on the water, however, with the attention to angler’s needs, these rigs certainly provide a good option if you’re looking to head offshore for your fishing fix.

More info

All Renegade and Trident models are available as a Quintrex Instant Boating Package, with everything you need to get you straight out on the water including Quintrex trailer, engine and a three year warranty for peace of mind.

For more information on the Trident and Renegade ranges or the entire Quintrex range visit www.quintrex.com.au.

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